From Clutter to Classification

From Clutter to Classification

Using IG to Gain Control of Your File Shares

Rarely is chaos planned.  Cleaning up that same chaotic mess is rarely a planned activity. 

The overgrowth of file shares is a story that is repeated at almost all organizations. Folders created with unclear names and documents stored in “personal” folders that are not intuitive (resulting in users unable to locate them). Folder structures that mirror organizational structure, so when the company changes, the organizational context is lost and, worse, information never gets entirely re-sorted.

Good information governance turns chaos into a system that all users can control. The first step is constructing a functional classification scheme rather than organizational structure or subject. Starting with an enterprise view of the classification scheme aids in standardization.

The second—also essential—step is creating common language and conventions for filing records. If everyone uses the same naming and rules for filing, everyone can find every record.

Functional classification also helps to reduce overall holdings. Duplicates are unnecessary if there is one central location for administration files, templates and reference documents. Departments no longer need to “keep a copy” if there is universal agreement and understanding where these records are maintained.

Our FileFacets software provides an easy-to-use functionality to build your target taxonomy. It also scans your existing file share, analyzes the data, and provides user-friendly metrics on file age, file size, file type, plus the number and location of true duplicates.

Don’t let the chaos of your file share continue. FileFacets is the “one software/many solutions” answer to gaining control of your shared drive.