ClassiDocs is making generally available an industry-first Artificial Intelligence for Data Classification – adding to its significant technology and market differentiators for structured and unstructured data sets.

“Our labs have been researching for some time different technologies to help organizations approach the ultimate in data classification – classifying all data sets automatically and completely accurately”, stated,  President Jason Remillard. “By releasing our self-learning system – guided and trained by the data users themselves – coupled with our grid-computing style rapid classification platform – we are one step closer to reaching that goal”.

ClassiDocs is a leading Data Classification platform that enables End Users and Data Stewards to actively participate in the process of classifying data sets – in an user-friendly, efficient and quick process that generally requires little to no end user training or education.

“We have performed modelling and testing with the new technology and find that after 500-1,000 manual classifications – the system is able to very accurately assign classifications ongoing. This represents not only an excellent trained and organization specific classification platform – it also enhances the ability for organizations to manage their data classifications with growing accuracy”, continues Remillard.

The ability to classify data sets in myriad platforms – with an accurate and up-to-date classification system – is integral for any organization (health care, financial services, manufacturing, government) with private, customer or financial information to protect. ClassiDocs represents a departure from the regular approaches – with its focus on end-user adoption, simple and rapidly deployable architecture and native integrations with leading SIEM, EndPoint Security and Governance and Compliance toolsets.