Blockchain and Data Security

Much has been discussed about Blockchain and Data Security and their significant impact to come. Much of my interest has been towards how to provide more authenticity to transactions and secure the history of content/data – to a forensic level if required for certain types of data (and who doesn’t want to be 100% sure of data?)

Todays security tech largely sits out on an island on its own – usually only contextually focused on its specific use cases and not ‘playing well’ with others.  SIEM and log providers have done a decent job of at least bringing data together focused on specific use cases – but there is a long way to go.

The following article was an interesting (albeit short) read about the impact of blockchains on security tech – .  As folks like Ripple come up with true business-supported blockchains – the opportunity for change is significantly larger than most predictions; the timing is coming right online for some big moves in this area. Having the support of IBM and others for HyperLedger, Google, Microsoft and AWS offering their compute fabrics to host xyz ledgers – the promises of the technology are coming to the forefront for businesses (of all sizes) to take advantage of.

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This is a topical change to the industry as we @ DATA443 are focused heavily on data security, management and destruction – something ‘blockchains’ in general help considerably with.  We are excited for the changes – both as technologists and business people – and fully expect to take advantage of the market opportunity.