Advantages of CCPA for Ecommerce

The California Consumers Privacy Act (CCPA) is set to be indoctrinated on January 1st, 2020 and will transform the eCommerce marketplace in California – and the rest of the nation, as more states adopt the principals CCPA aims to set as standard. The laws being introduced are regarding the data businesses collect on consumers, and basically give your eCommerce customers unprecedented insight into and control over the who, what, when, why, where, and how their digital identity at your website is being used.   

In short, eCommerce websites need to make sure that; every touchpoint for Personal Information with customers on their site is declared by opt-ins and pop-ups, customer data is easily accessible (no, a USB stick in your drawer is not easily accessible), and that every customer’s rights are protected – regardless of jurisdiction.

While this is certainly a daunting task, utilizing the proper tools at the foundation of the personal information processes within the business can help eCommerce businesses thrive under the new Californian consumer privacy landscape and leverage these new requirements into significant competitive advantages.

With Data443’s Global Privacy Manager (GPM), enable your business with the following:

Top 3 Competitive Advantages of Leveraging CCPA for Ecommerce:

  1. Brand Reputation

    So, we have seen the bad side of what penalties under consumer privacy laws can do to a brand’s image – Marriott and British Airways are just two examples of companies whose brands’ reputations have been tarnished by facing consumer privacy law fines. But what about the good side? When CCPA is indoctrinated on January 1st, eCommerce businesses will be segmented into two categories; those who are compliant with the law, and those that are not – and the transparent nature of the law will ensure that customers will know which businesses are which. This opens the door for businesses in California to develop a competitive edge derived from brand reputation. Study after study shows that eCommerce consumers are more likely to do business with a company if they trust them, and with Data443’s GPM, develop a competitive edge by showing your customers you are a business who will treat them, and their Personal Information, properly. Take care of your customers and they will take care of you. 
  2. Drive Other Business Processes

    CCPA, at its basis, aims to bring accuracy, compliancy, and accessibility to all customer Personal Information across the business. This gives customers greater power in the marketplace, as the control and governance of their Personal Information inherently makes the individual consumer that much more valuableFrom the business-side perspective, CCPA initiatives to handle customer data can be leveraged into significant returns in other business processes. With Data443’s GPM, ensure accuracy, compliancy, and accessibility throughout all vectors of customer personal information. Leverage CCPA compliant data in accounting systems to provide more accurate bookkeeping, customer relationship management systems to efficiently provide more reliable sales resources, and ensure all marketing campaigns reach the right audience by having constantly up to date customer information  – this is just a small sample of the much larger set of business processes Data 443’s GPM can help drive.
  3. Strengthen Position in Market

    The CCPA will change how eCommerce businesses conduct themselves in California – there is no avoiding that. Businesses can use this as an opportunity to immensely strengthen their position in the Californian market. While there are some eCommerce businesses that are implementing the proper tools and strategies to navigate CCPA, there are many more who are not. With Data443’s GPM, defend your position in the market – whether that’s from new entrants who do not know the “tricks of the trade” that you have learned from navigating the eccentric Californian eCommerce market, or from your pre-existing competitors who are lagging behind in the new eCommerce frontier. Data443’s GPM can ensure your business is on the right curve and better positioned to defend your place in the Californian market. Also, CCPA is one of the many consumer privacy laws that are indoctrinated or set to be indoctrinated in the United States. Many of these regulations are largely inspired by the CCPA so your business will be better positioned to enter and compete effectively in foreign markets.

CCPA does not have to be a cause of anxiety and worry for Ecommerce owners operating in California. This law is being created to completely reform all conduits of customer personal information within a business into something much more accurate and controlled – why not take advantage of it?

Built specifically for the California Consumer Privacy Act’s (CCPA), Data443’s Global Privacy Manager (GPM) can help businesses leverage the regulations of the law into an improved brand reputation, more efficient business processes, and a stronger position in the market.