Today – we are now <100 (our site shows 99 right now!) days away from GDPR becoming law across the European Union.  As we’ve discussed before – this legislation has world wide implications and I feel (and have validated with many other experts) that this will probably be more intense and business changing than Sarbanes Oxley was – especially if you consider the world wide impacts.

We have made moves in this area – ClassiDocs being the first.  We are stocking powder, product and people as the deadline looms and organizations begin to operate in this new arena.  There is much to the legislation – not just in its direction but also in differences in interpretation and restrictions.  To be sure – there is no question about the motivation – Information Protection for everyone, Transparency on its uses, and proper stewardship of Data.

It is Olympic time – and for me – that means Hockey!  Although I won’t disclose who I am rooting for, my favorite number was up on the site today (99) – and as the Great One says: Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.

Data443 reads from the same playbook for our clients.  We are ahead of the curve on Data Classification, Governance and Monitoring – being the only Data System that queries, reports results and monitors ongoing across everything in the Enterprise Data realm – On Premise, Cloud, Database, Laptops, Desktops.  Our reach and capabilities grow every day – much like Mr. Gretzky did.

By 117Avenue – Own work, CC BY 3.0,