3 Easy Steps to Optimize Your M-Files Investment

3 Easy Steps to Optimize Your M-Files Investment

You are a smart business owner and you understand the value of your data. You want the right information at the right time to make the most informed decisions. That’s why you decided to transition your ECM to M-Files.
How do you make sure the investment in M-Files pays off?
Your decision to upgrade your ECM was a good one. Now comes the work of transitioning to the M-Files environment. But the “E” of ECM seems overwhelming.
How do you make the jump from a world of file folders and locations to vault-structured metadata? How do you do it for your entire enterprise? Consistently. How do you get everyone onboard?
Here are three tips to optimizing your transition to M-Files:

Organize before you move

If you’ve ever moved into a new home, you know the feeling of unpacking the myriad boxes strewn across your new space, and at least once, thinking to yourself, “Why did I put the spatula in with the books?” or “Why did I even move my collection of 5 ¼” diskettes?” Or even, “This outfit? I don’t know if parachute pants will make a comeback!” Ideally, in any move, we should transport only the most recent and relevant items. Our software solution aids in “cleaning your IT house” before the move to the new ECM environment. FileFacets helps you find, shrink, sort, and port your files into the M-Files vault. Our product works in tandem to M-Files as the only ECM enhancement solution available as Software-as- a-Service (SAAS), making it easy to deploy and cost effective. FileFacets improves on file collaboration by tracking and recording every interaction, every comment, and every decision regarding a document. These activities are managed through the dashboard, which provides at-a- glance analytics (file location, size, type, age, and more) to gain important insights to your file storage.

Start with a single business unit

Think big. Start small. Scale fast. FileFacets supports this strategy, and the time to scale is now.It’s time to progress beyond the beta phase. Pick one business unit (maybe accounting because those folks always appreciate great organization) and start to work on the migration. FileFacets will train your team on best practices for assigning tags and transporting data. Next, use those lessons learned and roll out M-Files to other departments. Leverage the power of M-Files with all files in one place, and let FileFacets provide easily accessible and secure service to facilitate higher adoption and satisfaction amongst your employees. As you deploy this service across all business departments (e.g., operations, finance, HR, etc.), your entire business will realize the benefits of a fully integrated service: saving you both time and money.

Test before you implement

It’s great to have a guide when traveling in a new city. Not only does she point out the significant features and history of specific locations, but she can also take you off the beaten path to discover lesser known jewels that you wouldn’t find on your own.FileFacets offers this service by helping you design, solicit buy-in, and test your migration plan in a beta environment—before deployment. You get to create the ECM plan that works for your company with an expert in the passenger seat to help you make the most of M-Files features and to help shorten the learning curve and get your migration moving.

M-Files is a great ECM solution, and FileFacets can help you make sure that you’re getting the maximum payoff for your investment in it.
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