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Double Deceit: Bad Things Come in Pairs

A Chinese proverb may state, “good things come in pairs”, but this was not the case in 2017. In 2017, we discovered an email threat that was carrying not one, but two different malicious attachments as bait: a PDF file and a Microsoft Template file (OpenXML/DOTX). These were meant to

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Cybercriminals see real estate firms as profitable

For the last two to three years, stories about real estate hacking and particularly phishing have appeared with increasing frequency in newspaper and blog headlines. Take for example the cybercriminals who stole client contact information from a DC-area real estate company, and then created a “business email compromise” (BEC) scam,

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Cyperpiraten nehmen Logistikunternehmen ins Visier

Im Juni 2017 gab es für die Logistik- und Transportindustrie ein „Novum“, als fast 80 Häfen und Terminals weltweit entweder zum Stillstand kamen oder signifikante Verspätungen verzeichneten, darunter der Port of New York and New Jersey, der Port of Los Angeles und der Rotterdamer Hafen (größter Hafen Europas) sowie der

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Cybercriminals Targeting Logistics and Transportation Companies

In June of 2017, the logistics and transport industry experienced a ‘first’ when almost 80 ports and terminals around the globe either came to a standstill or experienced significant delays, including the Port of New York and New Jersey, the Port of Los Angeles, the port of Rotterdam (Europe’s largest),

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GDPR Security & Breaches: What You Must Know

GDPR Security & Breaches: What You Must Know According the 2017 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Study, the global average cost of a data breach is $3.2 million. The good news: that cost is down 10% over previous years. The bad news: companies in the study have experienced larger breaches (an

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Construction Industry Security Threatened by Weak Links

Remember the big Target breach in 2013, when 40 million credit and debit cards and as many as 110 million email addresses stolen? It cost Target $292 million (according to their annual report), led to 80 lawsuits which took four years to resolve, and cost the CEO his job. Subsequent

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