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Blockchain and Data Security

Much has been discussed about Blockchain and Data Security and their significant impact to come. Much of my interest has been towards how to provide more authenticity to transactions and secure the history of content/data – to a forensic level if required for certain types of data (and who doesn’t

Classification and GDPR Compliance – Why?

The Requirement for Classification as part of GDPR Compliance Data privacy in the scope of the GDPR requires a clear understanding of the data you retain. What type of data is being stored, where it is being stored, and who is accessing it are the guiding principles, and classification of this data

Webinar – Identity and Data Governance!

Join us for the webinar “Identity & Data Governance – 5 Steps to Reliable and Accurate Compliance in the Cloud” on August 3rd at 2 pm ET | 1 pm CT | 11 am PT | 6pm GMT. Identity and Security Compliance experts will review how Identity and Data can


ClassiDocs is making generally available an industry-first Artificial Intelligence for Data Classification – adding to its significant technology and market differentiators for structured and unstructured data sets. “Our labs have been researching for some time different technologies to help organizations approach the ultimate in data classification – classifying all data

The NEW classification 101 – The Why & The How

In this post I will reiterate what we have been presenting to partners, analysts and customers alike – from a ‘why we did this’ perspective to a ‘how we did this’ approach. As covered in the previous post, we built this product primarily out of frustration being a user of