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It would be hard to ignore just how much attention hybrid cars continue to get whenever there is a car show. At the most recent car show that was held in New York City, it was Toyota’s turn to unveil yet more hybrid cars – this time, attention was being directed to hybrid versions of its venerable Toyota Highlander that is being updated with “smart hybrid tech” joining announcements from other vendors, including Ford with a reference to hybrids for both the Lincoln Aviator and the Ford Escape and Porsche with its updated plug-in Panamera hybrid. While all electric cars still gain a lot of media attention, when it comes to America, many families prefer the hybrid with its backup combustion engine.

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“In former times, it was routinely suggested by software vendors that sales may land the initial deal but it is the support team that keeps the deal going and will lead to growth from within. Perhaps a little too glib but it does highlight a basic truth. Whenever successful software vendors sell a product or solution, a bond or partnership quickly forms between the team of users and the vendor. Whether it’s a simple phone inquiry or a request for a full roadmap disclosure, the relationship that develops over time becomes more a partnership than anything close to the adversarial role that permeated much of IT when computing first appeared as a tool for business. Today, these partnerships can be seen at work whenever there are gatherings of the NonStop community at Regional User Group (RUG) meetings or at HPE sponsored big tent events like HPE Discover and the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC).”

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All too often it becomes easy to assume data is where you need it and that our commitment to others to provide them with the files they require has been completed as scheduled, on time, with no loss of integrity. And yet, just as often, something in the environment has changed and those long-serving scripts begin to fail – you only find this out when your customer calls you and wants to know where their data is. As the world of IT talks incessantly about data the need to be certain your data is moved to where it’s supposed to be is not only a service to your business partners and clients, but is a reminder that in today’s highly automated world there are still tasks that mandate some level of intervention and where our dependence on scripts and the talents of individuals can leave us terribly exposed.

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