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Day: February 14, 2022

What is Spyware?

Spyware is a type of malicious software that enters your computer or mobile device without consent in order to gain access to your personal information and data and relays it to a third party. Considered a type of malware, spyware spies on the computer user, capturing keystrokes, emails, documents, or

Cyren’s Email Security Engine for IP Reputation

The challenges of keeping unwanted network traffic outside of the network perimeter is never-ending. Spammers and hackers are continually evolving and changing their methods to evade traditional perimeter cybersecurity solutions. Messaging security vendors can achieve unprecedented performance and detection levels, and block zombie traffic before it even enters customer networks.

Blocking Outbound Spam with Cyren’s Email Security Engine

Customer loss, as well as operational cost overruns, brand and reputational damage through blacklists, and even potential lawsuits are a few of the possible consequences service providers face as a result of spam coming from inside their network. Since the problem differs from inbound spam, dealing with outbound spam effectively

Data443 Wins Multi-Year Contract with Major US Energy Provider with Over 30,000 Employees

3 Year Contract Delivers Data Governance and Entity Extraction with Machine Learning Capabilities – Reducing Risk Profile RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, Feb. 14, 2022 — Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443” or the “Company”) (OTCPK: ATDS), a leading data security and privacy software company, today announced a new 3-year agreement with

Inbound Anti-Spam Solution: Catch Outbreaks with Cyren

The challenges of keeping up with the ever-changing tactics of spammers consume valuable hardware and internal personnel resources for service providers and vendors. Proven across multiple scores of deployments that happen across the globe, Cyren’s Email Security Engine for Inbound Anti-Spam delivers industry-leading detection performance to Microsoft Office 365 users,

Office 365 Antivirus Solution: Catch and Contain Evasive Malware with Cyren Inbox Security

Malware threats are known to continually grow in both their volume and complexity. Email-borne malware, especially that sent via Office 365, remains a large threat. The social engineering tactics convince recipients to open and unknowingly execute harmful attachments. Cyren Inbox Securityprovides enterprises the ultimate threat defense capability combined with risk-based