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Day: July 16, 2020

Microsoft Finally Acknowledges COVID-19-Related Cybercrimes

On July 7, Microsoft revealed they’ve been working since December 2019 to wrest control of key domains used in vast cyber attacks in 62 countries. This particular phishing scheme used COVID-19-related lures to defraud Microsoft 365 customers. It’s one of many attacks we’ve seen. With tensions high and IT resources

Spear Phishing, Whaling, and Delayed Detonation, Oh My!

Companies worldwide are up against sophisticated email attacks like Business Email Compromises (BEC). These attacks are also known as spear phishing, impersonation, and whaling, with the goal of convincing an end-user to release money or provide account information. Related: Microsoft 365 Is Wildly Successful and Profoundly Vulnerable – Here’s Why

How Machine Learning Is Building a Better Spam Trap

Bad actors are constantly raising the ante on email scams. According to Microsoft, “phishers have been quietly retaliating, evolving their techniques to try and evade protections. In 2019, we saw phishing attacks reach new levels of creativity and sophistication.” To keep pace with these evasive attacks, threat protection software has