Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. formed in December 2017 with a mission to deliver industry-leading, next-generation cybersecurity products, and services. Our current product offerings enable secure data – across local devices, network, cloud, and databases, at rest and in flight – to provide user-enabled, governance-enabled, up-to-date security for every data point, every time.

Access Control Manager™ (formerly known as Resilient Access) enables fine-grained access controls across myriad platforms at scale for internal client systems and commercial public cloud platforms like Salesforce, Box.Net, Google G Suite, Microsoft OneDrive and others.

Data Archive Manager™ (formerly known as ArcMail®) is a leading provider of simple, secure and cost-effective email and enterprise archiving and management solutions.

Data Identification Manager (ClassiDocs™ and FileFacets®), our award-winning data classification and governance product is integral to our product platform and allows us to deliver classification, discovery, governance, GDPR compliance, and DSAR management via a user-first, user-centric interface that speeds ease of use and compliance-policy conformance without training. ClassiDocs™ supports CCPA, LGPD and GDPR compliance and more! It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that performs sophisticated data discovery and content search of structured and unstructured data within corporate networks, servers, content management systems, email, desktops and laptop.

ClassiDocs™ for Blockchain provides an active implementation for the Ripple XRP that protects blockchain transactions from inadvertent disclosure and data leaks.

Data Placement Manager™ (formerly known as DATAEXPRESS®) the leading Data transport, transformation and delivery product trusted by leading financial organizations worldwide.

Data443® Global Privacy Manager™ is integrated with ClassiDocs™ to do the delivery portions of GDPR and CCPA as well as process DSARs, removal requests and inventory portions of privacy compliance regulations such as GDPR, CCPA and more.

Data443® Chat History Scanner for Zoom scans chat messages for Compliance, Security, PII, PI, PCI & custom keywords.

Data443® Ransomware Recovery Manager™, built for the modern enterprise, its capabilities are designed to recover a workstation immediately upon infection to the last known business-operable state, without any end user or IT Administrator efforts.

Sensitive Content Manager™ (formerly known as ARALOC™), the market leading secure content distribution platform, is a highly secure, cloud-based platform for the management, protection and distribution of digital content to the desktop and mobile devices, which protects an organization’s confidential content and intellectual property assets from leakage — malicious or accidental — without impacting collaboration between all stakeholders.

GDPR Framework WordPress plugin, with over 30,000 active installations, enables organizations of all sizes to comply with the GDPR and other privacy frameworks.

The CCPA Framework WordPress plugin enables organizations of all sizes to comply with the CCPA privacy framework.

LGPD Framework WordPress plugin enables organizations of all sizes to comply with the Brazilian GDPR/LGPD privacy rules.

IntellyWP is a leading purveyor of user experience enhancement products for webmasters for the world’s largest content management platform, WordPress.


We are currently traded over-the-counter (OTCPK: ATDS) with our primary focus on market growth for our current product offerings, product development, and acquisition of complementary technologies.