Data443 Chat History Scanner for Zoom

Installation & Config

The Data443 Chat History Scanner enables you to scan all saved Chat Logs for sensitive information of different types.

Once you approve the scanner for a one time scan, you are able to select one to many different sensitive data types to analyze your recorded chat logs.  If we detect any matches, we will display them to you.

From there, you are able make decisions on what you want to do with the chat logs (delete, download, keep it, etc.)


There are ten steps detailed below.

First, create an account at Data443 (we don’t track or keep any results!):

  1. Setup the account here:

2. Please ensure you enter your Zoom.US login ID (this is the one you use for Zoom!) on the order configuration page. 

 3. Then click the Continue button to proceed to check out, free of charge!  

4. Enter your billing information on the Checkout screen, then click the Complete Order button. 

5. After you complete the order, you will receive this summary page.  You may click to continue, or in a few seconds it will redirect you automatically to our Zoom Chat History Scanner.

6. Click the button to Authenticate Directly to Zoom.

7. Enter your Zoom credentials to allow the Scanner to access your chat logs:

8. After you have logged into Zoom with your own private credentials, you will have to approve the Data443 Chat History Scanner app permissions to read your Chat files and Meeting information (this is to link your Chat files that we have scanned to any meetings directly for reporting purposes for you).

9. Once that is accepted, you can use our service. You will be able to select a date range and the types of sensitive data you would like to scan for.

Scanning may take from 30 seconds to a few minutes – depending on your selections and server load.

If you leave the search results page for any reason, the search will have to be re-executed.  Below is an example of that screen.

10. When the results of your scan are returned, there are actions you can perform on each of those result.


Instructions Removal

To remove the service from your profile:

Simply login to your Zoom Account, navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace

  • Click, Manage -> Installed Apps or Search for the Data443 app
  • Select the Data443 App
  • Click or Select UnInstall

Your service with Data443 will auto expire over 60 days.

Should you wish to explicitly remove the service at the same time, select the Active Service at this link:


Then click the ‘Cancel’ button to terminate the free service.

Enter a reason for cancelling and then click Request Cancellation.

Accept the Terms and Conditions and click Request Cancellation Now!

Your cancellation will be confirmed on the next page and you will receive a cancellation confirmation email afterwards.


Open a ticket at: