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The NonStop community is being well served these days by numerous publications – digital and physical. From numerous vendors, association and community blogs, electronic newsletters and magazines (hardcopy as well as digital), not forgetting of course HPE’s own web site where featured resources include white papers and case studies. However, it was the cover story in the Fall 2015 issue of Connect – Converge (C2) that contained keys to where HPE itself was headed, and for the community, this included several key observations provided by Sue Barsamian, Senior Vice President and General Manager, HP Enterprise Security Products.For DataExpress, where the focus of the company has centered on making “the transfer of valuable private data over the public Internet fast, easy and secure” reading the observations from someone as highly placed inside HP, when it comes to security, as Barsamian it makes for compelling reading. In the interview she granted, Barsamian makes two important statements that clearly drive what is happening within HP Enterprise Security. The first statement was “our strategy will focus on helping customers transform to what we call the new ‘Idea Economy,’ the environment in which ubiquitous access to technology and digital connections provides the opportunity to turn ideas into business value.”
As for the second statement, it was more of a roadmap as to how HPE was going to “bridge from traditional IT to a new world where you can turn ideas into business value” and included four main points. These included:

  • Transform to a hybrid infrastructure to power the apps that run your business
  • Protect your digital enterprise
  • Empower a data-driven organization
  • Enable workplace productivity and superior customer experiences

“Protecting your digital enterprise” is clearly the goal too of DataExpress as we move much of the data that the financial community depends upon. Whether it’s files destined for an FI or files needed by industry oversight and government regulatory agencies, DataExpress plays the role of the carrier ensuring file transfers are performed securely and on a timely basis. With so many individuals looking for the slightest cracks in any organization’s infrastructure, it would be so easy to “tag along for the ride” if DataExpress was anything other than securely delivered.
In the upcoming October, 2015, issue of the Tandemworld e/newsletter  we describe the capabilities provided by DataExpress as being akin to those provided by well-known package shipping companies, like FedEx. Yes, think of DatExpress as providing the equivalent of services to FedEx. Businesses that need to ship a file can tell DataExpress to come pick up the file or, just as easily, these businesses can drop off a file with DataExpress. Irrespective of the manner in which a file is delivered to DataExpress – think operating in either client or server mode to push or pull files. And these files may be destined to one or more end point destinations, with some files franked express that will on-ship immediately whereas others may be franked to ship at a specific time. All just part of the “service” provided by DataExpress.
In addition to the ease of delivery, all part of the management oversight that is a key part of DataExpress, there’s a big security element. Protect your digital enterprise? Connected to everyone via the internet, of course, then yes, security is a big part of the value proposition that comes with DataExpress. From a communications perspective, today DataExpress supports and manages multiple communications and file transfer protocols, such as FTP, SSH (requires comForte SecureFTP/SSH), TLS (requires comForte SecureFTP/SSL), IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct®, Async, Bisync, SNA.
And when it comes to FTP, then the FTP Client will run over an existing IP connection to the remote FTP Server with optional authentication with Firewalls. Furthermore, with respect to FTP Server, DataExpress supplied FTP Server provides a complete FTP service for users. More importantly, when it comes to FTP Server, all clients connecting to the DataExpress FTP Server are automatically restricted to existing schedules and security in the DataExpress environment. In other words, users are limited to viewing and transferring files for their DataExpress-defined Customer ID only. They cannot access the Guardian file system or the Guardian security in any way. Protecting your digital enterprise? Absolutely!
For more insight into the security provisions that are a part of DataExpress NonStop (DXNS), follow this link:
And check out our Secure FTP:
For NonStop community members heading to the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) in San Jose, November 15 – 18, watch for more news from DataExpress as we will be providing more information on DataExpress in a breakout session. The exact date and time as well as location will be provided shortly. The NonStop community is well served by numerous publications – but events such as the TBC are just as important when it comes to finding out what your peers are relying upon to move files. It is definitely heading towards an Idea World and there will be creative uses of hybrids along the way – but the need to move files will be an ever present requirement and DataExpress addresses every enterprise’s need to move files – even the most private of data can be entrusted to DataExpress.