As the pages of the calendar turn over there are now only days left before the formal announcement of the General Availability (GA) of the first member of the NonStop X family of systems. The NonStop community – vendors and users alike – have high expectations that with this announcement a new chapter in the history of NonStop will begin. Indications are that with the decision by HP to pursue yet another round of investment in NonStop, this time moving the whole platform over to the Intel x86 architecture, NonStop will appeal to many more solutions partners and customers alike than ever before. Embracing industry standards – the x86 architecture as well as InfiniBand (IB) for the internal interconnect fabric – ensures longevity for NonStop well beyond what had previously been expected. Intel Itanium chips have served HP well for more than a decade, but yes, it’s time to put that chapter behind us even though HP will be supporting customers dependent upon Itanium-based systems for many years to come. Perhaps even with one more round of chip upgrades. The news next week of NonStop X has also proved a boon to vendors – solutions and middleware. With a collective sigh of relief when the program was first made public in November, 2013, investments made over an extended period of time have proved to be valuable and with merit. After all, HP NonStop is making it clear that a robust vendor community is vital to its plans as increasingly we watch the team at HP NonStop add more and more vendor products to the HP NonStop price book. There seems to be little indication that HP will lessen this pursuit and it argues well for those customers with a preference to buy their products solely from HP. “Our transition to NonStop X went relatively smoothly and we were well supported by HP NonStop development,” said DataExpress President, Michelle Marost. “That’s not to say that we, like other vendors, didn’t have problems with the compilers at first, but having said that, we were appreciative of the work HP did to help us work methodically through these issues. The source code has now been compiled in its entirety on NonStop X and we ended up resorting to compile natively. We have tested basic screen and database functionality and see the finish line now in terms of FTP testing. All that’s remaining is to test with our NonStop partner products.” As for closer ties with the HP NonStop team, “We have been watching HP NonStop add products to their price book and of course, we are interested to see this continue and for our products to be considered at some point,” added Marost. “We do have some of HP NonStop’s biggest customers running DataExpress NonStop (DXNS) and should HP pursue sales of hybrids then DataExpress Open Platform (DXOP) together with DXNS should prove valuable to HP.” The pages of the calendar are now down to where there are only a few pages remaining and the expectations are running high for NonStop X. For vendors like DataExpress the news is all good as anything that shines the spotlight brightly on NonStop can only be good news for the products and the platform. Yes, there’s always work to be performed ahead of announcements of new systems but that’s always to be expected and NonStop systems completing the transition to a fully commoditized platform has been anticipated for some time. All that remains is the announcement from HP and following that, watching what transpires for the remainder of 2015. From the perspective of DataExpress it’s not so much a case of fingers crossed but rather, a time to pursue new opportunities as certainly, among the industries served by DataExpress, the news of NonStop will reverberate positively!