Hearing news from the HPE NonStop team first hand is always something to look forward to and we are excited the HPE NonStop Partner Symposium is now just days away. Already last year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp seems so long ago even as the observations our team made continue to resonate strongly with us. The post of last month talked about new systems, new modes of deployment as well as new solutions and new markets. But it was only with the publication of the January – February, 2017, issue of The Connection that, like you, we read of something very new. In the column News from HPE’s NonStop Enterprise Division, Andy Bergholz, Senior Director of Development at HPE NonStop, said, “This is probably the last time that you’ll see or hear me say ‘vNonStop,’ by the way. vNonStop was our internal project name. The official name will be Virtualized NonStop.” What this implies is that Virtualized NonStop has finally arrived as a product and that, in all likelihood, important information about packing and pricing will be provided at the Partner Symposium. So, as a new product – the latest from the NonStop development team – rolls out in earnest, our belief remains that 2017 will be a year of testing and validation of NonStop running in the physical and virtual worlds will take on new meaning. For many NonStop users it may not only be something new, bringing new meaning to just how they will deploy NonStop in the future, but a sense of urgency as cloud computing continues to make its presence felt even among the most conservative of enterprises. In our opinion, there is no escaping the economics of cloud computing and whether the goal of your enterprise is to deploy mission critical applications from within a private or public cloud, it will happen. This will of course happen gradually for many NonStop users, but with Virtualized NonStop freed from any specific HPE hardware requirements, here at DataExpress we will not be surprised by anything we hear being proposed as the basis for deploying DataExpress NonStop (DXNS). What is also new for most NonStop users is the emergence of a variety of ‘X’aaS options. Whether it’s SaaS (as we see being promoted by solutions vendors including OmniPayments), DBaaS (as we see HPE IT is doing with NS SQL/MX) or even IaaS as we know a number of NonStop middleware and tools vendors are exploring. As we wrote in our last post to the DataExpress NEWS /BLOG, if your preference might be to run DataExpress on the basis of Iaas then we can confirm today that both DXNS and DXOP could be configured to run from within the cloud, and be engaged as a service. Furthermore, as we said back then, DataExpress is even prepared to offer the management of such a service should a customer tell us they have xxx files in yyy location to be sent daily/weekly/monthly to zzz and we could set it all up for them and manage it end to end. For some time now we have written about the role of DXNS to be similar to the services provided by the likes of more traditional delivery companies, including FedEx. From our perspective, we continue to not care what’s in the file it’s just a truckload or bucket of data for us. BUT we can provide executable points, as exits, either side of the transfer, to kick off whatever our customers’ desire. You want us to pick up your file? We can do that. You want to ship a file to us then yes, we can do that too. You prefer to use FTP for the file transfer to us even as you know the delivery has to be made via NDM then of course, we can do that as well. In so doing we can reformat data to match specific formats even as we support user exits to concatenate multi-files into just a single file. And we can do the exact opposite via user exits – breaking a single file into multiple files. The elegance of our solution is that we aren’t the utility that you prefer to maniplate the file, we just make those utilities line up to meet expectations on either end. If it has been a while since you last checked out the rest of our web site then you may want to take a fresh look at our home page, Scroll down and you will be able to read the following; The DataExpress solution is a multi-platform product that runs on open systems (DataExpress Open Platform, or DXOP) and HP NonStop systems (DataExpress NonStop, or DXNS). It’s a secure managed file transfer application that allows you to schedule, route, format and securely transmit business-critical data over public and private networks quickly and easily, while tracking your data every step of the way. Oftentimes, we are asked – do we need product xxx or solution yyy to integrate with DataExpress? Do we need something specific at the other end of the transfer? And the short answer is no, and long as what you and your customers are using follows industry standards, DataExpress will sit in the middle and be able to transfer and manage files with just about anything your customers and trading partners have in house. The added benefit that DataExpress provides is to securely manage the  timely execution of all of these file transfers and just as importantly, provide a trail reporting the success or otherwise of each and every step that is taken from where your file is located to where it needs to be – and in some instances, with reformatting etc. We have NonStop users of DXNS moving tens of thousands of files each night. Which leads us to come back to just how important a year 2017 will likely be; a circumstance we briefly touched on in the February issue of the digital publication, NonStop Insider.  It’s going to be a year focused on testing and validation. There are many NonStop users who will be cautious about migrating to NonStop X simply because it’s new and because it’s such a change from the previous decade of Itanium based systems. And should HPE provide enticements to move to NonStop X the rate of take-up of NonStop X systems may go beyond just testing and validating. If HPE launches such a program then the number of NonStop X systems should go up significantly. This is yet another agenda item we hope to hear more about at the upcoming Partner Symposium so look to read more from us shortly once this event wraps up and yes, continue to check out our web site as it will be the place to go when news first breaks for DataExpress.