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In the past few weeks there have been visitors to Texas, some because of user group events others simply having business reasons to be in town. Whether you are visiting the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex or head to destinations further south, there’s always one question that comes up. Where can we find good Texas smoke house BBQ? You know, one of those where there’s really good brisket and sausage that draws the crowds to this state? And as much as we can try to guide them to places we believe that they might enjoy, there’s always that waiting time before we find out if the place we recommended met their expectations.
“The proof of the pudding is in the eating” is particularly pertinent this month because not only does it apply to how our guests graded our recommended establishments, but for DataExpress this is the ultimate test of just how well our product delivers on customers and prospects expectations. This is very important for a company of our size as all we have is our reputation. Today, we have solutions for securely managing the movement of files between disparate systems where we now have a NonStop as well as Open Systems implementation and each one quietly goes about their daily business moving critical files to where they need to be moved – and for the most part, very few within our customer base are even aware that they run these processes and oftentimes, aren’t even aware of their presence at all.
This has been the topic of our most recent article to the Tandemworld eNewsletter – look for the upcoming July, 2015, issue. Having a product that consistently exceeds customer expectations in terms of just running uninterrupted cannot be overlooked as being something very important for DataExpress. It’s what we pride ourselves in doing and where our years of experience are showcased daily. However, not causing anguish or generating ripples through the corporation doesn’t always help with marketing – it doesn’t surprise us at all when we hear the question, are you certain we still run DataExpress?  So customer testimonials remain an important aspect of the marketing we do in support of DataExpress.
“With so many products in the marketplace the only tangible differentiator, that all prospective customers readily identify with,” DataExpress President, Michelle Marost confided, “is the references that come from actual users.” And it’s at gatherings such as the regional user group meetings routinely held around the world that we can bring customers and prospects together so an appreciation for the capabilities of DataExpress can be truly described from a practitioner’s perspective.
“A rare opportunity perhaps and yet we believe the most credible method for ensuring our prospects get a true sense of the complexity of the task together with the completeness of our solution,” added Marost. And when it comes to the marketing we do, “it will continue with just the simple task of ensuring the story is told, in a presentation or a feature article, whenever the NonStop community comes together.”
Of course we are excited too by what we see HP developing for the NonStop community – the just announced entry-level NonStop X system will surely appeal to many – and with the numerous outages that have been reported in the press of late it’s still challenging to keep a system up and running 24 X 7 and yet, NonStop goes about providing such a capability to many Global 1000 users who often are as much in the dark about their reliance on NonStop as they are about the dependence on DataExpress.  With the formation of the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) company we expect to see greater visibility for NonStop as it continues to excel at what it provides – perhaps the Stock Exchanges were a little hasty with the decisions of moving off that platform made a short time ago.
Look for the upcoming article in Tandemworld and yes, look for us participating in more regional events. Of course, with the NonStop Technical Boot Camp fast approaching, we will have a presence and don’t hesitate in contacting us if you would like to connect with a number of our customers that are in the same industry as you are – the proof of the pudding may indeed be in the eating but first you have to become aware that there is even a pudding to be eaten!