It is the goal of every business to constantly review processes with the aim to make the business run better, remain competitive and maintain compliance. There is no room in business for going backwards and for losing market share. Looking to improved performance is the expectation of every stakeholder in the business, be that the financial top and bottom lines, industry survey results, or just as importantly, the ratings, the number of pageviews, downloads and likes! For a specialty company like DataExpress, this is of particular importance as we do just one thing. We move files. In the March, 2017, issue of NonStop Insider we wrote of how we go around shifting stuff and taking it from one place to another even as we don’t care where it came from and don’t judge the content and we don’t care what happens to it after it’s put down where we were told to put it. Furthermore, what DataExpress is asked to move is only limited by your needs and indeed your imagination. In that NonStop Insider article we also said that the elegance of our solution for securely managing file transfers does not come only from being the utility that you prefer to move and manipulate those files, it’s from our ability to make such utilities line up to meet expectations on either end. Expressed another way (and to paraphrase a popular BASF advertisement from 1997), “We don’t make the (file transfer) products you use, we make them better.” and with DataExpress this means we have a product that no matter what transpires in the industry, either from a technology perspective or a legislative perspective, you simply won’t outgrow DataExpress. When it comes to what’s transpiring in the industry, more data in more places is a certainty, and there are two major trends we closely follow; the push for greater dependence on industry standards and openness (including the growing popularity of clouds both public and private), and the move to hybrid IT. When it comes to the latter, and to likely roles for NonStop systems participating in hybrid IT, we are seeing a lot more focus given to the database and for the NonStop community this means NonStop SQL/MX (NS SQL). As for the former, with both DataExpress NonStop (DXNS) and DataExpress Open Platform (DXOP) we have the industry standards and openness requirements well covered. DataExpress has already made public the news that DataExpress is standing ready to support those users with a preference for running DataExpress out of a cloud. Earlier this year we noted that should you prefer to run DataExpress as the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) then send us an email! And what we can confirm today is that both DXNS and DXOP could be configured to run from within the cloud, and be engaged as a service – again, you are reading this first here, in NonStop Insider! If you missed this you may want to look back at the January, 2017, article first published in NonStop Insider. With the option to be deployed on the basis of IaaS, something we are openly promoting, it is the effort that the NonStop development team is putting into NS SQL that is generating more interest with the NonStop community. Seeing how HPE’s own IT group is hard at work building out a new paradigm for their own IT, with NS SQL anchoring the database – yes, HPE has some 25,000 database licenses currently so there is considerable motivation to look in-house to reduce this count – the NonStop team is focused on making sure it meets the needs of HPE IT and this in turn is fueling the work being done in support of Oracle compatibility. However, as much attention as the NonStop team is giving NS SQL, there are still many other files present on most NonStop systems. It goes without saying that for the mission-critical applications running today, it is still very much a case of interacting with traditional file structures and this calls too for continued investment on the part of DataExpress – we always want to make sure no file is ignored or inadvertently overlooked. It may be an unknown file for some within IT but to others, it may very well be the most important file of all. It’s good to know DataExpress supports NS SQL but it’s even better that DataExpress supports every other file type that may be residing on a NonStop system. In our previous post to our News / Blog, ALONG FOR THE RIDE – DATAEXPRESS DELIVERS GLOBALLY! we make reference to what we call, the “unknown file.”  As we reiterate in that post, so often we hear stories about the “unknown files” – those files that companies continue to support without supporting documentation to fully qualify their purpose and yet, when the time comes to bring up an application on a secondary site and the “unknown file” is missing, it all comes crashing down. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to aggregate files in a manner that ensured all the information an application needs made it to where it really was required? Wouldn’t it be nice if, with a minimum of fuss, all of these files could simply go along for the ride? With industry standards and openness and databases supported as a service – whether considered DBaaS or IaaS, it matters little. The important element though is that these are topics actively being pursued by DataExpress and at a time when it is increasingly important to be able to offer DataExpress on both NonStop and Open Platforms. If you are siphoning off experienced staff simply to script the movement of files then is it really a good use of their expertise? Perhaps you should give us a call or send us an email because in DataExpress, you will have a solution that truly does make the products you may be using work even better!