Given the exponentially growing volume of content that must be searched in support of litigation and regulatory investigations, the workload involved with eDiscovery requests can be overwhelming without an effective storage and retrieval system in place. Failure to comply can result in significantly punitive sanctions and fees. The U.S. Supreme Court’s 2006 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) highlight the importance of electronic documents in the discovery process. FRCP Rule 26, FRCP Rule 34, and FRCP Rule 45 stipulate that potential documents required in a case can originate from any data source, provided such data is assembled into a visible form. Eligible documents run the gamut from emails, to attachments, to financial spreadsheets and system files. In light of how much of today’s discovery is in electronic formats, organizations need to implement an electronic data retention policy in order to mitigate risk and prevent legal exposure that arises from accidental deletions or the inability or excessive time required to retrieve email and other electronically stored information records.


As described below, ArcMail archiving solutions are an important tool in helping our legal services customers address these needs/issues.


Provide Comprehensive Compliance Support:  ArcMail archiving solutions securely store inbound, outbound, and internal communications for either a specific or unlimited amount of time in a centralized repository.  Our archiving solutions support all formats and integrate with Windows Outlook. Once installed, our products and services can automate the company’s retention policy thus ensuring no important data is lost or deleted, and our indexing process will capture every single word of every type of content to enable rapid searches and easy retrieval.

Improve eDiscovery Processes:  Electronic discovery is the process of providing specific files, emails, and other data requested in a lawsuit by the opposing legal counsel. With our comprehensive indexing capability, locating evidence based on a particular word or phrase is much easier than culling through massive quantities of data from daily, weekly, or monthly backups, as well as culling through PSTs located on individual computers or on the network.  With ArcMail solutions, PSTs, and other electronically stored files are managed from within the archive. ArcMail provides a user-friendly search interface explicitly designed to perform fast and accurate searches through massive quantities of data, making retrieving evidence as easy as performing an advanced Google search. Our archiving solutions index every single word of every single document, regardless of format or standards, prior to compressing and storing the archived data in a central repository, enabling the user to search every instance of a particular keyword or phrase. Our solutions allow for email, file, and attachment searches by date, sender, recipient, size, file format, subject, as well as by keywords or phrases using full-text search, basic or complex Boolean logic, and proximity searches. If the initial results are too broad, users can apply narrower terms to the initial results to find what is needed.  Search results can be saved in a litigation hold to share or revisit at a later date for an indefinite amount of time.  When a file, document or email is placed in a litigation hold, all retention rules associated with those files are suspended until they are removed from the hold. Once identified, evidence can be retrieved with a simple click and restored to the email server to print or send files.

Facilitate Litigation Holds:  Once a notice of pending litigation has been served by opposing party, the recipient organization can immediately begin retrieving all discoverable documents and communications, including email and attachments, relating to the subject of the pending litigation. The results retrieved are placed in a litigation hold and left there for as long as needed, regardless of the retention period originally assigned to that information.

Key ArcMail Features Benefitting Legal Services Organizations:


  • Comprehensive indexing: ArcMail’s archiving process indexes every single word of every document, email, attachment, and other electronically stored document, collecting all metadata and content in preparation for search and discovery. This enables much faster and accurate searching during an eDiscovery event.
  • Litigation holds:  ArcMail’s litigation hold capability automatically suspends the retention policies of any documents placed into the hold indefinitely, until such time that documents and other electronic information are released from the hold by the legal services organization.
  • Basic and advanced search capabilities:  ArcMail’s basic user interface is designed to be used by non-technical staff to find and retrieve any electronically stored information quickly and efficiently by retrieving only targeted content. ArcMail’s advanced search capabilities make it easy to create complex, highly-detailed Boolean searches to find specific content within documents regardless of format or standards.  The user’s advanced search parameters can be saved and used as a template for recurring use. The results of both basic and advanced searches can be placed directly into a litigation hold.
  • Retrieval of data originated from various sources: ArcMail archiving solutions enable the user to search and retrieve different types of data that were originally imported into the archive from various locations and sources. Data types include email, attachments, system files, MS SharePoint, and social media among other electronic information.  All of this data can be placed into a litigation hold pertaining to a particular case or instance.
  • Easy exporting of data from the hold to opposing legal counsel:  ArcMail makes it easy to produce the data held in a litigation hold for export in any format required, such as PST, EML, and MBOX. This will allow the organization to comply with any requirements imposed by the courts and opposing legal counsel.
  • Data security and immutability:  ArcMail’s comprehensive data security and immutability measures mean that our customers’ data cannot be deleted or modified from its original state, making it easy to authenticate the creation and integrity of the documents contained in the litigation hold.