Archiving Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Electronic transactions and communications related to patient information stored on computer systems must be reliably recorded and retained (6-year retention requirement), while providing for fast and secure access.

Electronic protected health information (ePHI) must be stored in a secure location with processes to protect information and prevent unauthorized access and/or tampering by employees. Inadequate security can open the door to illegally obtaining patients’ confidential information. This ongoing problem indicates that many healthcare providers are still not doing enough to protect patients’ private health information and financial transactions.

As described below, ArcMail archiving solutions are a key tool in helping our healthcare customers address these needs/issues.

Provide Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Support: Our customers’ information governance strategy typically dictates the policies, procedures, processes, and controls used to manage information and meet HIPAA compliance challenges. ArcMail’s enterprise information and email archiving solutions provide our customers with granular retention rules, ready access, data immutability, and information security, as well as support audit requirements.  Our archiving solutions meet HIPAA’s 6-year electronic data retention compliance requirement while ensuring the confidentiality and protection of private healthcare information and transactions.

Ensure Reliable Recording and Enable Granular Retention Rules:  ArcMail solutions provide healthcare customers with robust email and file archiving options to facilitate HIPAA compliance. Using real-time archiving, ArcMail solutions index, compress, and store all internal, inbound, and outbound communications and files indefinitely in a secure, centralized repository.  ArcMail’s compression and de-duplicating capabilities slow down the growth of our customer’s archive volume. Once installed, our solutions automate the organization’s records retention policy, freeing up valuable time for IT administrators. Our granular retention policy settings allow the administrator to set different policies for entire locations or departments, or to tailor a retention policy to every user.

Ensure Permission-based Control and Simple and Secure Access: ArcMail archiving solutions bind to the active directory of our customer’s MS Exchange server so that their permissions, organizational groups, etc. can be controlled from one application. The ArcMail user interface is extremely intuitive, with no learning curve required. End-users can elect to use our MS Outlook plug-in or utilize our web-based user interface to perform basic or advanced searches, based on their permission level.  Although our archiving process is user-friendly, it also ensures that users’ activities are carefully controlled and regulated. The archive regulates internal auditing and provides HR support, maintaining a log of all archiving processes, along with all users’ search and retrieval activities. Access can be customized/tailored by end-user group or individual, with options to set archive privileges ranging from extremely limited to broad access. Limited users, typically lower-level employees, are only allowed search and retrieval within their own archived data. Users with full privileges can search the entire organization’s archived data and restore data to the email server, with such broad privileges useful for legal departments, internal auditors, and HR departments. The archive’s settings are highly granular, allowing the administrator to create and apply access policies for entire departments, as well as for individual employees.

Protect Information: ePHI is secure in ArcMail’s email and file archive storage repositories. ArcMail archiving solutions ensure data is tamper-proof and immutable and can be stored at different locations for disaster recovery or business continuity. The organization’s data cannot be deleted or modified from its original state, meaning the ArcMail customer can with confidence authenticate the creation and integrity of documents in their archive.

Support Audits:  ArcMail archiving solutions include an audit log that details every search performed and identifies which user performed that search. In most every case, this feature will satisfy regulatory requirements concerning an audit.

Key ArcMail Features Benefiting Healthcare Organizations:

  • All information backed up and secured
  • Secure access via granular policy application and permission-based access controls
  • Real-time archiving of all electronically stored information, such as emails, attachments, system files, and other data from various sources
  • Archive search and access  through MS Outlook or our Web-based user interface
  • Data immutability such that data cannot be deleted or modified from its original state