Compliance regulations vary by industry and location, as well as by whether or not an organization is publicly traded. The regulations specify what information must be retained, how long the information must be retained, and under what circumstances. Compliance usually requires retaining discoverable electronic information for a designated period of time in a secure but easily accessible location.  In order to remain compliant, organizations must consistently re-evaluate their internal controls to ensure they are continuing to meet requirements.  Sustainable compliance requires a properly focused information governance strategy and associated retention policies, along with disciplined enforcement.


The organization’s general or outside counsel and auditors usually determine which records need to be retained and what the retention policy needs to be. However, they often have difficulty articulating what they expect the IT team to deliver.


ArcMail enterprise information and email archiving solutions readily enable organizations to achieve sustainable compliance, ensure data security and immutability during a compliance audit, and minimize the risk of fraudulent activity.


Achieve Sustainable Compliance

Creating a comprehensive information governance policy is only one aspect of achieving corporate compliance and maintaining internal controls. Ensuring employees know and adhere to the policy is equally crucial to ensuring compliance, avoiding legal complications, and managing corporate intelligence.  And, in the meantime, enforcing internal policy is becoming increasingly complex. ArcMail archiving solutions help organizations by providing the tools to enforce regulatory compliance policies. Our automated information archiving solutions help enforce corporate policy and remove the possibility of employees negatively impacting  the process. As a consequence, IT departments save invaluable time while ensuring corporate policies are being followed.


Ensure Data Security and Immutability during a Compliance Audit

Discoverable electronic information can be found on file servers and email servers, in backup storage, or on individual employees’ desktops. These multiple locations put the availability of electronic information at risk when the organization is relying on employee control in lieu of an archiving system — employees may not concern themselves with the format, specific location, or preservation of discoverable data, and can delete or misplace discoverable data due to lack of training or negligence. 

Moreover, when quotas are enforced on personal inboxes, employees may create PSTs to ensure they continue to have access to their email. However, once employees create their own local file repositories, the organization’s compliance department has no idea of the associated risks, e.g., incriminating information uncovered during the audit process. Additionally, the compliance department may not be able to find relevant emails or files in the event they were misplaced or, even worse, deleted.  When employees have control over their emails and files,  the organization is significantly more at risk of failing a compliance audit and being fined or brought to court.

ArcMail enterprise information and email archiving solutions give the organization’s compliance department total and secure control over all electronic information, greatly enhancing the likelihood of a successful outcome from a compliance audit.   Key relevant ArcMail features include:

  • Centralized repository for all of the organization’s archived data
  • Permission-based access so that only those fully authorized can search and retrieve documents in the archive
  • Data immutability, i.e., data cannot be deleted or modified from its original state
  • Secure storage of emails, attachments, files, and other electronic business-critical information for an unlimited period of time
  • Online and offline security  that eliminates the possibility of accidental data deletion
  • Automatic deletion of the organization’s PSTs after importing them into the archive repository.


Minimize Risk of Fraudulent Activity

Conducting internal audits is a crucial component of monitoring and improving internal controls. Even the best information governance policies are ineffective unless they are carried out properly. Enforcement of a company’s email and electronic records policies is greatly simplified by utilizing email and file archiving solutions that support internal auditing and the IT department and minimize incidences of fraudulent or negligent activity, greatly lowering the risk of unwanted exposure, lawsuits, or penalties.


ArcMail’s enterprise information and email archiving solutions support internal auditing by providing the following features:

  • An audit trail to authenticate the creation and integrity of the documents in the archive
  • An audit trail of archiving and user activities in the archive
  • An audit trail of the organization’s archive system administrator, including any creation, modification, or deletion of retention policies or rules