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ArcMail Storage Sizing Calculator

Part of the research process in determining the best archiving solution for your organization is to estimate the correct amount of storage your data is going to require over the three (3) years.  This is an important step in the process because you don’t want your archiving solution to reach full capacity prematurely.

Estimate your storage requirements

ArcMail makes this step easy by asking a few simple questions that can help you estimate your storage requirements over the next three years.  This calculator does not account for annual growth in number of email users.


1. Enter values for the sizing parameters below.

2. Press “Calculate”, for the estimated sizing requirement to be displayed.

How many years mail messages will be retained
How many email users there will be
How many emails a user receives per day, on average
If in doubt, enter 30 for small, 75 for medium, 175 for large, or 250 for very large mails
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