Pennslyvania Rules of Civil Procedure:

Pennsylvania Civil Procedure Rules Committee issued Proposed Recommendation No. 249, which proposes amendments to Rules 4009.1, 4009.11, 4009.12, 4009.21, 4009.23 and 4011. The Proposed Recommendation also includes an Explanatory Comment which is the “core of the proposal” and is intended to provide guidance to trial judges and counsel to resolve ESI disputes according to the general principles of Rule 4011 and not pursuant to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and federal case law. The United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania issued: ‘Order Governing Electronic Discovery’: “The court expects the parties to reach an agreement on e-discovery, but states that if an agreement cannot be reached, the parties should designate an e-discovery liaison in order to promote communication and cooperation.”

Proposed Recommendation No. 249: Rule 4009.1 Rule 4009.11 Rule 4009.12 Rule 4009.21 Rule 4009.23 Rule 4011.

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