(re)Classify? What is that?

When you have a distributed, full enterprise infrastructure in place that can process files that any of the agents have access to (local, network, cloud), you now have an interesting capability: the ability to reclassify documents at will.

We process all files of the enterprise in a measurable and reasonable amount of time. How long, what is reasonable? Of course, that depends, but after your first run with your first set of classifications, you will learn quite precisely what ‘how long’ means for your organization. For some, its less than one day. Others will take longer.

What is most important about this unique feature of ClassiDocs is you can update multiple classifications with new parameters and immediately have the whole infrastructure start processing.

That is, with our solution, once you update a classification, the engines start processing. The end-user based interfaces will immediately reflect the new classification information. Any data ‘at rest’ will be classified with the new settings immediately.

Most importantly, with our analytics console, you are able to understand quickly when the classification infrastructure is busy classifying data sets with new settings, and when it complete. Data you have never had before and data no other solution offers.