Data443 announces the Ransomware Recovery Product Pack

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The Data443 Team offers a variety of services and training with the goal of enabling your organization to take advantage of Sensitive Content Manager™ technology and the best practices to improve your experience.Data443 also offers a variety of custom services to support new and current clients.


Every Sensitive Content Manager™ implementation includes a personalized onboarding process. During this time, security settings are reviewed, and the system is customized to best meet the needs of your organization.

Our team will work with you to map distribution and protection to your current workflows by meeting with your IT staff and the administrator(s) who will be responsible for managing your confidential content. At the same time, our Application team will brand and configure your custom app to meet your specifications.

Clients are typically up and running on the Sensitive Content Manager™ system within one to two weeks.


Training is included as part of the onboarding process. Our team will train your publishers and IT staff to manage content and users in the Sensitive Content Manager™ system and walk though best practices and recommendations for your organization’s specific needs. Additional training options are available as needed.

Application Customization

Sensitive Content Manager™  is a cross-platform, device ‘native’ content distribution system. Whether you choose to standardize on a single device platform, or decide to support a “Bring Your Own Device” policy, your users will be able to view their content.

Apps are available for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. Each app can be branded and configured for your organization and is distributed privately.

Data Migration

The platform supports large-scale imports of users and content. Organizations that have complex user permissioning systems or are migrating large amounts of content can utilize our data migration services. The Data443 team will work with your staff to migrate your information through any required batch imports, data transforms, or software automation.


The platform includes a robust Application Programming Interface (API) that enables organizations to rapidly integrate existing systems with Sensitive Content Manager™. Custom integration services are also available. The Data443 team can provide custom APIs, additional web services, or additional data fields to meet your integration needs.