You could choose a file transfer application that costs less than a smartphone app. But how will your company’s customers react when they find out you’ve sent their private information over the Internet with a cheap application or tool? What will your CIO think? You’ve invested heavily to secure sensitive data inside your organization. Don’t throw it all away with a file transfer product that doesn’t meet regulatory standards, doesn’t come with 24/7 live support and doesn’t get the data there on time. Can your business really afford a cheap fix?

A Powerful Managed File Transfer Solution

The Data443® Data Placement Manager solution is a multi-platform product that runs on open systems, such as Windows or Linux, (Open Platform or OP) and HP NonStop systems (NonStop or NS). It’s a secure file transfer application that allows you to schedule, route, format and securely transmit business-critical data over public and private networks quickly and easily, while tracking your data every step of the way. Along with great technology, we also provide great support features to ensure that you and your business feel comfortable with the solutions in place. These support features include:



A living, breathing, qualified person will take your call and work through your questions until your challenge is resolved.



Data443® goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach by offering solutions that can be customized and scaled as your business needs change.



You can sleep at night knowing that your valuable private data will be transferred securely and on time, with full tracking every step of the way.

Whether you are in the Healthcare Industry, looking to fortify your HIPAA Compliant ecosystem, or you are in the Finance Industry, handling financial information or credit data on a daily basis, a system that is predictable, secure, adaptable and scalable is a requirement. Data443® offers the solutions you need for secure managed file transfer, and does so with the most powerful customer commitment in the industry.

Regardless of your industry, the size of your company, or the volume of your transfers, we can help!

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