Databases Supported

Data443 has the only data classification and governance platform that provides both classification and GDPR eDiscovery capabilities for structured data.

Database - Structured on File System

.4DD 4th Dimension Database Data File
.ODB ABAQUS Database
.ACCDB Access 2007 Database File
.ADN Access Blank Project Template
.MAW Access Data Access Page
.ACCDE Access Execute Only Database
.ADP Access Project
.ADE Access Project Extension
.ACCDR Access Runtime Application
.MAS Access Stored Procedures
.MAV Access View File
.ALF ACT! Lookup File
.CAT Advanced Disk Catalog Database
.MDN Blank Access Database Template
.BTR Btrieve Database File
.DDL Data Definition Language File
.DB Database File
.DBF Database File
.DSN Database Source Name File
.DBT Database Text File
.DP1 DataPower Database File
.DB2 dBASE II Database
.DXL Domino XML Language File
.UDB Dynamics AX User Database File
.NNT Eudora Address Book File
.XLD Excel Database File
.OQY Excel OLAP Query File
.DQY Excel Query File
.FMPSL FileMaker Pro 12 Snapshot Link
.FP3 FileMaker Pro 3 Database
.FP5 FileMaker Pro 5 Database
.FP7 FileMaker Pro 7+ Database
.USR FileMaker Pro Database File
.FPT FileMaker Pro Database Memo File
.DBC FoxPro Database
.DCX FoxPro Database Index
.DCT FoxPro Database Memo
.SCX FoxPro Form
.GDB InterBase Database File
.JET JET Database File
.KDB Keypass Database File
.NS2 Lotus Notes 2 Database
.NS3 Lotus Notes 3 Database
.NS4 Lotus Notes 4 Database
.NSF Lotus Notes Database
.ACCFT Microsoft Access Data Type Template
.MDB Microsoft Access Database
.MDBHTML Microsoft Access Database HTML File
.ACCDW Microsoft Access Database Link File
.ACCDT Microsoft Access Database Template
.MAF Microsoft Access Form
.MAQ Microsoft Access Query
.MAR Microsoft Access Report
.ACCDC Microsoft Access Signed Package
.FDB Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database File
.MPD Microsoft Project Database
.UDL Microsoft Universal Data Link File
.WDB Microsoft Works Database
.SDB MonKey Office SQLite Database File
.NYF myBase Database File
.MYD MySQL Database Data File
.FRM MySQL Database Format File
.MRG MySQL Merge File
.TMD MySQL Temporary Database File
.MWB MySQL Workbench Document
.ODB OpenDocument Database
.SDB Base Database File
.^^^ Pervasive.SQL Database File
.PDM PowerDesigner Database File
.QVD QlikView Data File
.RSD RealSQLDatabase File
.RBF Redatam Binary File
.SAS7BDAT SAS Data Set File
.SDB ServerBoss Database File
.SPQ SPSS Database Query File
.SDF SQL Server Compact Database File
.DACPAC SQL Server Data Tier Application Package
.MDF SQL Server Database File
.WRK SQL Server Log Shipping File
.NDF SQL Server Secondary Database File
.TRC SQL Server Trace File
.DBS SQLBase Database File
.SQLITE3 SQLite 3 Database File
.SQLITEDB SQLite Database
.SQLITE SQLite Database File
.DB3 SQLite Database File
.DB-SHM SQLite Database Shared Memory File
.DB-WAL SQLite Database Write-Ahead Log File
.SQL Structured Query Language Data File
.TE Textease CT Database File
.DBX Visual FoxPro Table
.VIS Visual Importer Script
.FIC WinDev Hyper File Database
.WMDB Windows Media Database File
.ABX WordPerfect Address Book
.XMLFF XML Flat File

Database - Structured on File System

4D ODBC Driver 4D Server
Accuracer ODBC Driver, Easytable ODBC Driver Accuracer, Easytable
Adabas SQL Gateway Adabas
Adaptive Server, Adaptive Server Anywhere Adaptive Server Anywhere, Adaptive Server, Adaptive Server IQ
ANTs ODBC Driver ANTs Database Server
Attunity Connect (server) Any ODBC compliant RDBMS
ODBC Router Any ODBC compliant RDBMS
ASTA ODBC Driver ASTA Server
Biblioscape ODBC Driver Biblioscape Database
RDMi, RDMix Birdstep Raima Database Manager, RDM Embedded, Velocis, db_Vista
Birdstep RDM ODBC Driver Birdstep RDM Server
Connect for ODBC Drivers Btrieve, Centura SQLBase, Clipper, DB2, dBASE, Excel, FoxPro, Informix, Oracle, Paradox, Pervasive SQL, Progress, SQL Server, Text, Sybase
ConnectWare Btrieve, C-ISAM, CA-Realia, D-ISAM, Micro Focus files, mbp, VSAM
BASIS ODBC Driver, BBj Data Server Business BASIC
Cach? ODBC Driver, Cach? ODBC Server Cach?, DSM, ISM
TopSpeed ODBC Clarion TopSpeed databases
CodeBase SQL Clipper, dBASE, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro
Easysoft Data Access CODE, Firebird, Interbase, ISAM, Linc, Oracle, RMS, Sybase, System Z, Tetra
FairCom ODBC Driver c-tree Server, c-tree Plus
ODBC Client Driver D3 ODBC Server
DB/Text ODBC Driver DB/TextWorks databases
DB2 Connect DB2 for OS/390, DB2 for MVS/ESA, DB2/400, DB2 for VSE and VM, DB2 UDB (UNIX, Windows NT and OS/2 servers)
StarSQL DB2 for z/OS (OS/390), DB2/400, DB2/UDB
iSeries Access DB2 UDB for iSeries
Universal Data Access Driver Suite for ODBC DB2, Informix, Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, OpenLink Virtuoso, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Progress, Sybase
DBMaker JDBC-ODBC Bridge DBMaker
Empress ODBC driver Empress
FileMaker Pro ODBC Driver FileMaker
Firebird ODBC Driver Firebird, Interbase
Firebird ODBC Driver Firebird/Interbase
Arbutus LegacyLink Flat files, VSAM, IMS, DB2
FrontBase ODBC driver FrontBase
FUNDS ODBC Interface FUNDS System databases
HanDBase ODBC Driver HanDBase
SQL/R ODBC HP Eloquence databases
Informix Connect Driver IBM Informix OnLine Dynamic Server, SE
Interactive COBOL ODBC Driver ICOBOL Server, COBOL files
jdeDirect ODBC JD Edwards World and OneWorld data
Matisse ODBC driver Matisse
NexusDB ODBC driver NexusDB
Objectivity ODBC Driver Objectivity/DB
Ocelot ODBC Driver Ocelot SQL DBMS
OpenBase ODBC Driver OpenBase SQL
OpenEdge ODBC Driver OpenEdge RDBMS
OI32 Linear Hash ODBC Driver OpenInsight
Oracle ODBC Driver, Rdb ODBC Driver Oracle, Rdb
Oterro ODBC Oterro Engine, R:BASE
Btrieve, Pervasive SQL ODBC driver Pervasive SQL
POWERflex ODBC Driver PFXplus, Dataflex
Polyhedra ODBC Driver Polyhedra RDBMS
PostgreSQL ODBC driver PostgreSQL
QODBC driver for Quickbooks Quickbooks
Linter SQL ODBC driver RDBMS Linter SQL
Recital ODBC Developer Recital, FoxPRO, clipper, dBase
ODBC Desktop Database Drivers, Microsoft SQL Server Driver SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, Text, dBASE, Paradox, Access, FoxPro, Btrieve. DB2
ODBC Drivers for SQLBase, SQLHost/DB2 SQLBase, DB2
Supra ODBC Driver Supra SQL
Teradata ODBC Driver Teradata
ThinkSQL ODBC driver ThinkSQL DBMS
TimesTen ODBC TimesTen Server
UniAccess ODBC Server UniAccess for OS 2200
OpenRDA ODBC, OpenAccess ODBC SDK Unix/OpenVMS ODBC driver for SQL Server and Microsoft Access.
ODBC Driver for Vision Data Vision Data
Relativity VSAM, ISAM, Btrieve, RMS, Micro Focus COBOL files, RM/COBOL files

*We recommend your current ODBC/ADO connector if possible; this list provides examples that are supported via a partner.