File Types

What file types does ClassiDocs support?

Data that is currently residing on a file system or operational data store somewhere (data at rest) are processed by our agent and agent-less technologies. Our scanners open the files in ‘native’ format and parse the contents of the files in plain text format. For example, we will open a .tiff image much like an image editor would, and we will read the metadata. For other types, we will open the file and read contents within natively. For Visio, as an example, we read the text within the bubbles and icons, etc.

Each file type supports different activities (some, just metadata reading, others full contents parsing). If there is a file-type missing, or you would like to understand in more technical detail, just reach out and we will be happy to talk about it.

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Document Formats

DOC – Microsoft Word Document

DOCX – Microsoft Word Document 2007
and above

EML – Outlook Express Message Item

MOBI – Mobi Pocket eBook format

EPUB – Electronic Publication

HTML – HyperText Markup Language

MSG – Outlook Message Item

PDF – Adobe Portable Document

PDF/A – Adobe Portable Document
for Archiving

PPT – PowerPoint Presentation

PPTX – PowerPoint Presentation 2007
and above

PST – Outlook Personal Folder

RTF – Rich Text

SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics

TXT – UTF8/16 and ASCII Text


XLS – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

XLSX – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet 2007
and above

XPS – XML Paper Specification

Vector Formats

CGM – Computer Graphics Metafile

CMX – Corel Presentation Exchange

DGN – Microstation DGN

DRW – DRaWing

DXF – Drawing Interchange

DWF – AutoDesk Vector

DWFX – Autodesk DWF XPS Document

DWG – Drawing

E00 – ArcInfo Export

EMF – Enhanced Metafile

GBR – Gerber

MIF – Marker Interchange

NAP – North American Presentation Layer
Protocol Syntax (NAPLPS)

PCL – Printer Command Language

PCL6 – Printer Command Language

PCT – Macintosh Pict


SHP – ESRI Shape

SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics

WMF – Windows Metafile

WMZ – Compressed Windows Metafile

WPG – Vector Word Perfect Graphics

Raster Image Formats

ABC – LEAD Advanced Bitonal Compression

ABIC – Adaptive Bi-level Image Compression

AFP – Advanced Function Presentation

ANI – Windows Animated Cursor

ANZ – Mayo Clinic Analyze Format

ARW – Sony Raw Format

BMP – Windows and OS/2 Bitmap Formats

CAL – CALS Raster

CIN – Kodak Cineon

CLP – Windows Clipboard

CMP – LEAD Compressed

CMW – LEAD Wavelet Compressed

CR2 – Canon Raw

CRW – Canon Raw

CUR – Windows Cursor

CUT – Dr. Halo

DCR – Kodak Digital Camera

DCS – Kodak Digital Camera System


DCX – Paint Brush

DNG – Adobe Digital Negative

DXF – Drawing Interchange

EPS – Encapsulated Postscript

EXIF – Exif Formats

FAX – LaserView Laser Data

FIT – Flexible Image Transport System (FITS)

FLC – Flic Animation

FPX – Kodak FlashPix

GIF – CompuServe GIF


HDP – Windows HD Photo

ICO – Windows Icon

IFF – Interchange File Format

IOCA – Image Object Content Architecture

INGR – Intergraph Raster File Format

IMG – GEM Image

ITG – Intergraph



JPG – Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)

JPEG-XR – Windows Media Photo /
HD Photo (HDP)

JPEG-LS – JPEG Lossless

J2K – JPEG 2000

JP2 – JPEG 2000 Compressed

JPM – JPEG 2000 Part 6

JPX – JPEG 2000 Part 2

KDC – Kodak Digital Camera

MAC – MacPaint      

MNG – Multiple Network Graphic

MOB – MobiPocket File Format

MO:DCA – Mixed Object: Document
Content Architecture

MSP – Microsoft Paint

MRC – LEAD Mixed Raster Content

MRC – T.44 Mixed Raster Content

NEF – Nikon Electronic Format

NITF – National Imagery Transmission Format

NRW – Nikon Raw Format

ORF – Olympus Raw Format

PBM – Portable Bitmap Utilities

PCD – Kodak Photo CD

PCX – Paint Brush

PDF – Adobe Portable Document

PDF/A – Adobe Portable Document for Archiving

PGM – Portable Bitmap Utilities

PNG – Portable Network Graphics

PNM – Portable Bitmap Utilities

PPM – Portable Bitmap Utilities

PS – PostScript File

PSD – Photoshop

PSP – Paint Shop Pro


RAS – SUN Raster

RAF – Fujifilm Raw Format

RAW – Raw Data

RW2 – Panasonic Raw Format

SCT – Scitex Continuous Tone

SFF – Structured Fax Format

SGI – Silicon Graphics Image

SMP – Xionics

SNP – Microsoft Access Report Snapshot

SR2 – Sony Raw Format

SRF – Sony Raw Format

TDB – Microsoft Windows Thumbnail Cache

TFX – Internet Fax

TGA – Truevision TARGA

TIFF – Tagged Image File

TIFX – Xerox Internet Fax File

VFF – Sun TAAC Bitmap

WBMP – Wireless Bitmap

WFX – WinFax

X9 – Image Cash Letter

XBM – XBitMap

XPM – XPicMap

XPS – XML Paper Specification

XWD – X WindowDump