Replace Several Products Data Discovery, Classification and Governance

GDPR Compliance: 13 of the Required Articles

Classify information at rest and in flight – local, network, cloud and database

Discover PII, PCI, HIPAA and Confidential information – local, network, cloud and database

Report and remediate – security access controls – local, network, cloud and database

Respond to DSAR and remediation actions – local, network, cloud and database

Winner of *3* - 2018 Cyber Security Excellence Awards

Local devices, network, cloud and databases are all 'in scope' for data security

Supporting more than 200 file types and 400 types of databases, ClassiDocs is the only platform to classify, govern and discover across all of these data silos.

With support for leading cloud service providers like Microsoft, Dropbox, Google, Salesforce and others, ClassiDocs ensures you have accurate, up to date and continuously maintained classified datasets.

ClassiDocs gives you a full-enterprise view of the entire data estate.

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