Custom Configured Team Apps

All Apps are custom configured to your professional sports team and can be custom branded and privately distributed.  All Users enjoy the convenience of securely accessing and viewing confidential content materials from their mobile or desktop devices online or offline.  Automated notifications and synchronization ensure users always have the most recent content version.

Easy to Publish & Securely Distribute

Any Team Approved Scout, Coach, Manager can quickly, easily and securely publish and distribute scouting materials, playbooks, or any organizational content including contracts, HR materials, etc.  ARALOC™ approved users can publish content or last-minute updates knowing that users will always have access to the latest version. The system provides version control and the content can be “expired” or deleted instantly.

Your varied team content files and rich media can be securely distributed and managed to all designated users and groups in any file format including; PDF, MS Office, Video, Audio, and Interactive HTML5.                     

Team Communications & Collaboration

Content annotations and notes are shared internally and securely. Your users can easily annotate content, including voice to text notes and share those annotations and notes with approved individuals, groups, or the entire Team on mobile devices. Notes and annotations created by users are shareable and encrypted. Additionally, the ARALOC™ iOS App provides secure controlled text communications between team stakeholders. 

World Class Content Security

Built from the ground up with security and ease-of-use in mind, ARALOC™ protects organizations’ confidential data and intellectual property assets from unauthorized viewing, misuse, and piracy without impacting communications and collaboration between stakeholders.  

ARALOC™ provides powerful 256-bit AES Encryption technology both in transit and at rest, extensive Content Rights Management Controls, reporting analytics to support today’s ever-increasing information security regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and more. 

Fully licensed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS) for export of encryption technology, and certified by ISO, HIPAA, and SOC.

Robust Reporting Analytics

ARALOC™ provides extensive content and user tracking and reporting analytics. 


Top Sports Teams & Companies Trust ARALOC™ To Secure Their Content