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We can offer standard or Fully Branded and Customizable to meet all of your enterprise needs

• Multi-Platform
• Multilingual Portal
• 256-bit AES encryption technology
• Remote wipe of confidential content from any device
• Secure offline viewing
• Meeting Archives

• Automated content synchronization
• Extensive content tracking & reporting analytics
• Supports company owned and BYOD devices 
• Intuitive Note-Taking
• 24/7 Access

• Advanced Messaging and Collaboration

Create & Publish

ARALOC works with PDFs, Office Documents, HTML5, and other rich media. The ARALOC Secure Publisher allows you to select your content to be protected, optionally convert it to universal formats, encrypt the files, upload the content to the appropriate storage location, and make the content available to authorized end-users.

Distribute & Manage

The ARALOC Management Server enables content owners to register, manage, and monitor their protected content. The cloud-based platform provides for flexibility in your system policies on a global level, or for individual content.


The ARALOC apps, available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, connect to the management server to authenticate users and obtain licenses for the secure viewing of digital content. ARALOC apps can be extensively branded and customized for your organization.

ARALOC™ – Enterprise Cloud-Based .

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