ARALOC™ Board Meeting Management Software

ARALOC™ Board Meeting Management Software allows you to distribute board materials easily and securely to board members using custom branded and configured applications for iPad, iPhone, Android, PC and Mac. ARALOC™ Board Meeting Management Software is The Secure Alternative to Board Portals.

Industry’s Best Security

Trusted by some of the most security conscious

We know security is of the highest concerns when distributing confidential board materials, that’s why our primary focus is to be sure your content is secure and shielded from unauthorized access at all times.

ARALOC™ Board Meeting Management Software provides encryption, privately distributed apps, unique ids, and custom security controls for a board management platform like no other. Visit our Security page for more detailed information.

Mobile Messaging

ARALOC™ is the only board governance system that provides mobile messaging allowing for instant communication between all board members and administrators, regardless of their location.

Board members can communicate with each other and selected executive team members through secure individual and group internal messaging that adheres to corporate policy related to document retention using any mobile device Apple or Android.

Increase board collaboration using instantaneous, controlled mobile communications, eliminating the need for email and expediting decision making.

We Make it Easy

ARALOC™ Board Meeting Management Software makes it easy to secure your Board Books by using drag and drop to upload a single file or multiple in bulk.

ARALOC™ will encrypt the content and allow you to grant access in just a few clicks using our Secure Publisher.

Agenda Builder

ARALOC™ Board Meeting Management Software includes features that make it easy for administrators to manage board activities. Our Agenda Builder allows administrators to quickly create a custom meeting agenda that incorporates encrypted content with meeting time, location, and speaker to make it easy for users to access content quickly. View the Features page for information on additional features.

Board Roster

Increase mobile communication among board members by providing information about each member.

Presentation Manager

Keep all of your board members on the same page. Presentation Manager allows board presenters to control members’ screens. Member’s devices will display content in-sync with the presenter allowing them to stay focused on the presenter.

Multi-Board and Committee Support

ARALOC™ Board Meeting Management Software can support multiple boards and committees. Super users can control access to content for all entities and board members can be a member of one or all committees allowing for a truly enterprise solution.


Top Companies Trust ARALOC™ To Secure Their Content