Today’s digital environment prevents organizations from sharing and distributing confidential and proprietary content without assuming the risk of a data leak. ARALOC™ provides clients with a powerful, user-friendly platform to collaborate, share and track sensitive content in a more efficient, secure way – on any device, anywhere. ARALOC™ native apps can be custom configured and branded for each organization with tailored security and convenience
features that meet your unique requirements.

The ARALOC™ Boardroom System is the leading board governance system for today’s secure, mobile-centric enterprise. 

ARALOC provides end-to-end content distribution, management and security. ARALOC™ streamlines and automates the entire flow of document publishing, distribution, end-user consumption, and sign-off, while providing tracking and analytics in one seamless business process.

ARALOC™ Features

• Multi-Platform
• Rich Media Support
• Multi-Board Support
•Digital Rights Management
• Supports company owned and BYOD devices
• Intuitive Note-Taking
• Multilingual Portal
• 256-bit AES encryption technology

• Secure offline viewing
• Meeting Archives
• Automated content synchronization
• Extensive content tracking & reporting analytics
• 24/7 Access
• Advanced Messaging and Collaboration
• Remote wipe of confidential content from any device