Annual events featuring the HPE NonStop team and product lines have typically become showcases for new technology and packaging featuring NonStop systems and this year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) proved to be no exception. We’ve seen firsthand the prototype of an additional product line – for the moment, laboring under the product name of Converged Virtualized NonStop (CVN) that the attendees were advised will shortly be updated, so to better reflect its properties and capabilities – and realized that the push to more aggressively emphasize the software is gathering momentum. This was a big event for NonStop and it came at a time when NonStop is beginning to attract more attention within HPE. There was a lot of interest in the new CVN particularly as it eliminates the issues associated with setting up a hypervisor supporting multiple virtual machines. Of course, NonStop starts with at least two of everything and moves on from there with take-over infrastructure that eliminates outages, but making sure you don’t configure virtual machines that simply come back to rely on one processor can be tricky for the inexperienced systems manager, so this is definitely a step in the right direction. The first market that the HPE NonStop team is addressing appears to be any IT group simply wanting to develop and test new products and features whether they are NonStop users or NonStop vendors.   According to DataExpress representative, Susie Raye, “I always go to events like TBC with an open mind, ready for anything and yes, it seemed to be larger than last year with a lot more sessions – 92 of them so I was told.” Perhaps even more important for DataExpress having products for both NonStop and Open Platforms, said Raye, “While this was a Nonstop event, many sessions were focused on where Nonstop fits into the new ecosystem – Nonstop is just another piece of an interconnected network. In other words, with as much focus as HPE is giving to hybrid IT, it’s good to see just how well NonStop is playing in this environment right now!” NonStop is beginning to make a sizeable contribution to hybrid IT, in a practical sense, given that HPE IT has deployed NonStop in support of its primary corporate database!   There is still a lot of talk surrounding the NSADI – the NonStop Application Direct Interface – that we heard about at a previous TBC and it looks as though it’s role in hybrid IT will only get bigger as solutions vendors step up to leverage these capabilities. Here at DataExpress we are holding out high hopes that this will help us better leverage our own products as the potential to essentially transform your enterprise even when files need to be securely moved from one site to another. Combine DataExpress Open Platform (DXOP) with DataExpress NonStop (DXNS) and you have a powerful configuration whereby DXOP’s Java flexibility can be leveraged to frontend the NonStop where you will find enterprise OLTP databases.   When it came to digging deep into NonStop, which after all is why this event is called a Boot Camp and has so much focus on education, there were numerous sessions surrounding security and automation: Automate tasks, particularly in development, and then updating production with code changes as fast as possible – while still performing all the necessary steps, using the same tools on Nonstop as used on other platforms (e.g. Git, Jenkins) to ensure quality remains intact. “Security updates are always big, from new ciphers and new ANSI standards to the need for tokenization of data,” added Raye and for DataExpress it continues to be all about securely managing the transfer of files. As in the past many of the sessions focused on the OSS personality with a lot of emphasis being placed on NonStop SQL/MX and this is to be expected given just how much development capital has been expended on getting the most performance possible from the NonStop open platform. On the other hand, at this year’s TBC, and definitely catering to those attendees that still depend on the Guardian personality along with Enscribe file management, there was a lot more attention given to them than anyone can recall in past TBCs. “There was a lot more talk about leveraging your Guardian functions, Pathway servers and using new tools,” added Raye. As for topics closer to home, said Raye, “At DataExpress, we particularly liked what we heard coming from comForte about their SecurDPS product, so much so in fact that it sounds like something DXOP could use for tokenization – a distinct possibility given how we see the topic of tokenization coming up soon as a much-needed requirement of our clients.” And whether your interests lie in talking to HPE or to fellow NonStop vendors or especially customers and prospects, the format of TBC has been fine-tuned over the past couple of years to provide exactly that – a forum for education, networking and introductions to the wider NonStop community. What impressed us most? The new location seemed to work and the catering was definitely an upgrade over previous years, but hearing directly from all those involved in the creation of new products and features remains the highlight for the majority of attendees and this is what really stood out for DataExpress this year. For all of this HPE needs to be congratulated and we are looking forward to continued participation in the coming years.