N2TUG proved to be a powerful reminder that the NonStop community is very much alive and well. With one hundred members of the NonStop community present for this Regional User Group (RUG) event every session was well attended. There were times when even the most hardened road-weary salesperson was alert and taking notes. The theme of this RUG event was “Protecting with Blockchain” and for the morning sessions this message was reinforced with presentations by HPE, its partner R3 and NonStop vendors openly talking of their own development activities involving blockchain / mission critical distributed ledger technology (MCDLT). The work that was put into making the day the success it was, shouldn’t go unacknowledged – Diane Funkhouser and Bill Honaker did a great job of ensuring the event agenda was topical, and they did an equally good job in making sure it all ran smoothly. They delivered a program that kept the community fully engaged as the day unfolded. Of course, having the last presentation of the day,  “The Future of the Enterprise Market, A Venture Capitalist’s View,” given by none other than Jimmy Treybig, founder of Tandem Computers, was a contributing factor in ensuring the NonStop community stayed till the very end. As the day wound down attendees joined Jimmy for cocktails where we became part of a mini-reunion as a number of former employees of Tandem Computers showed up!

For DataExpress it was an opportunity to update the NonStop community on where we are taking our products.  DataExpress is now available for NonStop (DXNS) and Open Platforms (DXOP) and being able to walk the audience through DataExpress’s capabilities proved to be an ideal time to open a dialogue with attendees that weren’t familiar with the product. DataExpress has been in business for a long time, but even so, the company isn’t quite as well-known as other vendors participating in the event, so N2TUG proved invaluable in conveying the benefits that come with a managed file transfer solution – a solution that supports secure transfer of files within and between organizations, be they business partners, customers or regulatory agencies.

“I have to say that I was taken aback by just how big a turnout there was for this RUG event,” said DataExpress CEO, Billy Whittington. “There was a good cross section of the community present and it was pleasing to see NonStop users taking in what was being said about DataExpress.” Whittington was also happy to see some familiar faces adding, “for our team to intermingle with people from the bygone years was an added bonus for a day that reminded DataExpress of previous RUG events from those times when Jimmy was at the helm of Tandem Computers.”

RUG events that prove to be successful come about when there is alignment between the content provided and the needs of the community. While it was surprising, for some, how focused HPE was on Blockchain, “it came as a reminder that HPE is trying to ensure it is current.” As Whittington said later in the day, “by hitting blockchain on the head, even though it’s still arguably a ‘philosophy’ or a ‘potential service,’ rather than a ‘product’ that you can go buy off the shelf right now, at least HPE is engaging with something new and fresh so that it continues to project relevance and that’s a good thing for all of us.”

When it comes to DataExpress more attention is being given to the topic of Blockchain not because it’s going to require the NonStop vendor community to roll out product immediately but rather, it’s still all about data. “At DataExpress we are very much about data and we see DataExpress as having a great future ahead with so much attention being given to data; no matter which way you spin it, there is still data accumulating and it still needs to be pushed back and forth for all the same reasons as it always has been pushed around,” said Whittington. Acknowledging too that Blockchain was a framework or middleware that warranted further investigation, the good news is that among the NonStop user community where the DataExpress solution has been relied upon to move data for a very long time, there is time to listen to our DataExpress customers to find out how best to capitalize on the arrival of this latest offering on NonStop.

For the immediate future DataExpress will continue to drive development efforts on our V7 DXOP because, “this V7 DXOP is totally re-engineered to take advantage of ‘rapid change’ as we move forward, a significant divergence from previous versions our NonStop customers are familiar with,” said Whittington. In the emerging world of hybrid IT we can already foresee NonStop users running mixes of DXNS and DXOP and it may transpire where the preferred deployment leverages more of the capabilities of DXOP running on Linux servers or even within a public cloud that is better at scaling up to handle the increased demands on NonStop users to move even more data.

If you heard more about DataExpress at N2TUG than you have heard before or if you missed this RUG event but are interested to know more about DataExpress from what you are reading here, then reach out to us or to our partner, the comforte team. Either way will work, but the most important thing here is to call – one thing is for sure, you will be facing more data and a lot more files that need to be transfered and there will be plenty of instances where you just have to move them – automatically and safely!