In the most recent issue of the digital publication, NonStop Insider, we published an article about DataExpress being the product that doesn’t transfer the files, but makes the process of transferring files perform a whole lot better. And reliably! In making this claim for DataExpress we explained how we provide a solution for those customers who may have just one file transfer product in use just as we have a solution for those customers with many file transfer products in use, which is the more likely situation. Whatever is the chosen file transfer product for the occasion, we can accommodate it and then forward as necessary, using a file transfer product the target system requires.  Earlier this year it was in another blog where the question was asked: “Why not just stick with the basics?” With this question the blogger then followed with another question: “(What are) the crucial features that a complete managed file transfer solutions can perform?” It is not uncommon for clients and prospects alike to raise questions like this with DataExpress and whenever new NonStop systems arrive from HPE it seems such questions become more prevalent. Surely a vendor as big as HPE has good solutions already available and just as surely, as a client, our requirements can’t be too different from what other NonStop users are experiencing? To be a complete managed file transfer solution, at a minimum the product should:
  • Support varied platforms, protocols and encryptions
  • Provide a centralized system for organized monitoring and reporting
  • Control (and indeed, restrict) user access and adhere to systemwide security policies
  • Simplify and (at all stages in the process) automate the transfers
DataExpress provides solutions for both NonStop and Open Platforms – DataExpress NonStop (DXNS) and DataExpress Open Platform (DXOP). While we have completed the work to be validated for deployment on NonStop, during the last couple of weeks there has been more excitement on our DXOP side as we push our V6 into Production status and this past week we completed our first DXOP V6 deployment at one of our customer’s sites. As of this week, we are now in “Production support” with this version as we had been with our previous versions. Our team has proven, yet again, that one of DataExpress’s shining strengths is customer support delivered with the utmost patience. We are very proud of this version which will carry us forward while we do some “enthusiastic” re-engineering on significant parts of our internals to streamline our processing, lower our CPU utilization and allow us easier scalability as the demand in the market changes to more encryption, more compression and higher throughput of more files. It may not surprise the NonStop community to read that with all the experience we have gained deploying DataExpress NonStop we have essentially mirrored properties found in the NonStop operating system within the DataExpress Open Platform that have resulted in a more reliable and almost fault tolerant implementation. With these two solutions DataExpress supports a variety of platforms and in cooperation with other NonStop vendors, support a variety of protocols and encryptions and this certainly allows us to check the first box. For many of our customers it remains the most important box to check as failure to do so can be a barrier to any further discussions about a managed files transfer solution. For our customers with NonStop systems deployed, this first box can lead them directly to us as we alone have a managed file transfer solution for NonStop. As for the other boxes – centralized system for organized monitoring and reporting, control of user access, and simplify and automate the transfers – all three of them DataExpress checks off as well. As the blogger referenced above also highlights in his post, with DataExpress, “using managed file transfer (in one case) eliminated the need for third-shift data center staffing and saved programming, operations and network staff over 500 hours a month.” While such savings will obviously vary by deployment and while little other data is provided in that post, we do know that there are major savings that come with deploying DataExpress but it is probably more appropriate to discuss this on an individual account basis. So yes, drop us an email or give us a call if you would like to know more about the benefits that come from deployment of DataExpress – either DXNS or DXOP or both. We would be only too happy to share with you what we have seen first-hand and to help you better understand why DataExpress could be the complete managed file transfer solution, best suited to your needs, that you really should take a good long look at. After all, there aren’t any boxes left unchecked by DataExpress and that’s not something the competition can claim when there is the presence of NonStop!