Live Classification

Since we created ClassiDocs around user-first design principals, we talked to a lot of users.  We gained some great insights through our testing, chief among them: 

Users don’t like being interrupted! 

Since we have an add-in for Microsoft Office applications, we decided it to add the classification of information live. 

Like, really live.  

ClassiDocs pulls classification policy regularly, scans the content the user is working on without bogging down the system instantaneously classifies it with no interruption to the user experience

Remember ‘Clippy’ from Microsoft fame (or infamy)? He didn’t do so well, but we fell the concept had some value when used in line with a solid user experience and with the ability to dispense of easily. We cleaned the concept up a bit, made the process less annoying, and allows your administrator full control over the experience (silently classify live and only popup when something changes only once per session). 

ClassiDocs gives your team lots of options and opportunities to tailor the experience to your users.