New systems, new modes of deployment – virtual as well as physical – new solutions and new markets! HPE has made it no secret that it has upped its investment in NonStop, even as it embraced openness from the metal to the APIs. Also an important consideration is HPE deploying NonStop with NS SQL/MX internally, for its own use, where HPE IT is pioneering virtual NonStop (vNonStop) as it delivers NS SQL/MX on the basis of a Data Base as a Service (DBaaS). This is how we opened our most recent article in the January, 2017, issue of NonStop Insider, New models for secure, managed file transfer. At DataExpress, the more we see NonStop development talk up the benefits of virtual NonStop (vNonStop), the more excited we become. The great news is that we have always been able to tailor the cost of our products for lower volume transfer opportunities, on smaller footprint machines etc., so we can adjust as appropriately as any (new customer) market would require. This is at the heart of what we have been doing now for more than two decades. And it has served both ourselves and our customers well for all those years.  HPE IT is turning to provide access to NS SQL/MX on the basis of DBaaS; will the NonStop marketplace welcome having the option to run DataExpress on the basis of IaaS? We think that broadening the reach of NonStop, as vNonStop will surely do, is good news for all stakeholders in the NonStop community – users, vendors and just as importantly, HPE. And why wouldn’t DataExpress be excited – if anything will help grow the base of NonStop users then surely vNonStop will be responsible for considerable expansion of the base in the coming years. This is how we expressed our renewed energy for NonStop systems in our most recent post to Tandemworld.  When it comes to the vendor community, it suggests that growth in NonStop usage will now happen in new and interesting ways challenging us all to respond with further innovation. The need for the movement of files between business units as well as to industry and government agencies is only going to increase and it is apparent to DataExpress that ensuring the files these agencies mandate as “requirements” of enterprises everywhere will get to where they need to be is of strategic importance. Miss the transfer window for any reason and the penalties rapidly escalate. It may be viewed as a simple slap on the wrist but the reality is that it’s a task that can be automated no matter what the underlying mechanisms may be and with DataExpress available for NonStop Systems (DXNS) and Open Platforms (DXOP), enterprises of all sizes can be accommodated. Just as importantly  for even the biggest enterprise, as it transforms to hybrid infrastructure where NonStop can be tightly integrated with open platforms as part of a potential move to include NonStop on the edge of a private cloud, DataExpress may reside either on NonStop, within the cloud, or both. It will ultimately depend upon the appetite of the business units not only for any risks that may be involved (from potential network availability) but also for working with systems that inherently just aren’t as reliable as NonStop systems. Having an option to run DataExpress on either physical systems or virtual systems will become a consideration for many NonStop users as they weigh the benefits from running DataExpress on either a NonStop X system or vNonStop – then again, the option to license DataExpress as IaaS, may seem like a reasonable third option. DataExpress has a lot of experience with the poor reliability exhibited by off-the-shelf hardware.  The impact this has on DataExpress customers, running DXOP with hardware that has not been scaled to meet the ongoing growth of the file transfer demands, very quickly becomes all too obvious. One customer drew our attention to such performance degradation and reported DXOP as failing numerous times. But as soon as they upgraded their ten year old hardware, DXOP performed like the super star we know it is! As we concluded in the article published in NonStop Insider, if your preference might be to run DataExpress on the basis of Iaas then contact us! And what we can confirm today is that both DXNS and DXOP could be configured to run from within the cloud, and be engaged as a service. We are even prepared to offer the management of such a service where a customer could tell us they have xxx files in yyy location to be sent daily/weekly/monthly to zzz and we could set it all up for them and manage it end to end. Innovation is being pursued by NonStop development and the results from their efforts are becoming widely known. These results may be a surprise for many and may initiate discussions among enterprises who haven’t considered deploying NonSotp in the past, particularly when vNonStop is part of that consideration. For DataExpress, innovation has always been an important consideration and in working with our customers, we have integrated many innovations over the course of our history.  So yes, contact us and let us be your file mover of record.