Morrisville, NC

You have an eye for design, with a focus on tone and the persona you are speaking to.

Working within different mediums, you are capable of jumping between them quickly and many times during a day based on demands. Task switching is what we do here often (un) fortunately 🙂

From product slicks, tweets, trade show handouts, international partner presentations, drip campaigns and call scripts, we’ll need your help with all of this. You are focussed on the customer persona – you can help craft it, live it, be it – that means speak to them directly (yes even go meet them, take them for a coffee, see what makes them tick!), draft messaging, campaigns (paper, email, social as need be, call campaigns, followups, etc.), and everything else we need to bring our solutions to a wide variety of clients – some you probably wouldn’t expect!

we have several product lines already in market, more coming to market, and more in the funnel – all with a key, personable and relatable message to be communicated to specific market segments. We are excited to see your previous work (all types please!) and look forward to growing your portfolio!

Part of a growing team – you will be a joint contributor in this group and will not be alone!

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