Morrisville, NC

You are able to take simple verbal, whiteboard, existing reference examples and other cues and translate those into visual communications that are vibrant, on message and on target. Able to transition the messaging to the medium – quickly and on time – you are HIGHLY proficient with all major social tools and corporate communications tools and set standards and templates. From powerpoint to corporate websites and product guides, you are able to maintain the full library and manage both the contents, visual quality and brand(s).

Additionally, you are able to quickly intake new/existing brands into the umbrella – uptake, maintain, augment as per direction and manage accordingly – managing additional resources and/or projects as required (migrations, refactoring, etc.). Able to work with copywriters, sales, engineering and management, you are able to translate requirements into the required artifacts.

We have a large social, professional and direct relationship with many audiences that needs to be curated, nurtured and managed – you will be a large part of that effort. communicating effectively with different mediums is key – from product slicks, tweets, trade show handouts, international partner presentations, drip campaigns and call scripts, we’ll need your help with all of this. Part of a growing team – you will be a joint contributor in this group and will not be alone!

we have several product lines already in market, more coming to market, and more in the funnel – all with a key, personable and relatable message to be communicated to specific market segments. We are excited to see your previous work (all types please!) and look forward to growing your portfolio!

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