Fast GDPR Compliance Enablement? Yes, We Can.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has deep and complex requirements that will force organizations to know where all of their data is and accurately report on its usage and lifespan. But the combination of privacy management and data consumption makes GDPR compliance challenging to implement quickly. Our GDPR compliance solution puts data classification, eDiscovery, and Identity Governance in one box. The solution integrates with existing infrastructures for fast implementation that requires no special skills or additional products. An effective, robust, and simple-to-use workflow engine that is associated with PII and reports on completion times, pending activities, and other bi-directional business conversations is core to the solution, making it highly responsive to the many and variable needs GDPR compliance mandates.

Right out of the box users can:

  • Classify data at rest and in flight, across all data points
  • Discover PII, PCI, HIPAA, and other Confidential Information
  • Report on and Remediate Security Access Controls
  • Respond to DSARs and Remediation Actions, On-Time, Completely
  • Allow Customer eDiscovery
  • Comply with 12 of the Most Critical GDPR Articles

10 Key Facts from GDPR

(Source: KuppingerCole Analyst: Kasten Kinsast)

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