Close the feedback loop

The question of who owns the data in your organization is an important one to consider and answer when it comes to cyber security and GDPR. We believe it’s not IT, nor is it management (even though they may be ultimately responsible for it).

In most cases the data creator owns the data. The creator is in many cases the steward of the data and the person who interacts with it the most. They are the ones who know what it is, what it should be and how to apply the data classification policy to the data.

So we empowered them. 

As part of our user-first approach, we felt it important that a data classifier can communicate back when something is amiss. If enabled, the user has an interface to tell IT, the governance team or the policy team , how the policy can be better. This is one of ClassiDocs’ key differentiators; no one else offers this capability to the end user.