As reported in our last post, N2TUG proved to be a powerful reminder that the NonStop community is very much alive and well. To this we can add that HPE is committed to NonStop and that the NonStop team is progressing down a path that will open more doors to NonStop deployments. N2TUG brought us all a reminder of how Tandem Computers developed as large a community of users as it did with a presentation by former Tandem Computers Founder and CEO, Jimmy Treybig, but forty plus years later, it is the management team in place today at HPE that is doing the heavy lifting to ensure a resurgence in the success of NonStop. These past couple of weeks have seen additional events sponsored by HPE that have added substance to what was laid out for the community in a series of NonStop hardware and software roadmaps. Yes, it’s all about data. Or, as Richard Buckle of Pyalla Technologies, LLC. told N2TUG attendees in his presentation on our behalf and quoting HPE VP & GM Compute Solutions, Randy Meyer, “time and data are the new currency.” And by this, Buckle added, when it comes to tying everything together to create Hybrid IT, you just have to accept that data will be on the move. “We often think of moving data in terms of transportation. In other words, whether moving data is performed via the data equivalent of a moving truck or via a speedy service like FedEx, in the everything-connected, always-on world we live in today, data needs to be someplace else every time we turn around,” said Buckle.

The first HPE event following N2TUG was the HPE big-tent marketing event, HPE Discover 2018. Held in Las Vegas each year, the transition of leadership from former CEO, Meg Whitman, to the current CEO, Antonio Neri, was on everyone’s minds. Fortunately, the performance by Neri at the keynote general session lived up to expectations. Indeed, as a Forbes journalist noted, “I do have to say that I really appreciate ‘roll your sleeves up’ tech CEOs. Neri’s ‘get to work’ mentality shone through, and the fact he was on stage most of the keynote sent the message that ‘he’s in charge.’” What did that mean for the NonStop community? Clearly, it was back to making investments in products HPE deems critical to its success and NonStop has been the subject of a lot of investment dollars of late.


“Once upon a time, companies collected data, processed and analyzed it, and then used the insights to make essential decisions weeks or months later. Over the years, organizations got better at using their data, moving faster to drive ‘just-in-time’ processes and decisions,” said Neri. “Today, ‘real-time’ is the new ‘just-in-time.’ Now the goal is to use our data to act on and to control the things that power and propel our enterprises, instantly. Accelerating time to value is the ultimate goal. Time to discovery. Time to market. Time to innovation. Time to action!” No escaping the many references to data and for DataExpress, this means shining the spotlight on managed file transfers as loading data into files and moving them is still the most efficient and secure way in getting data from one place to another.


The second event HPE sponsored was for the NonStop vendor community and it was held in HPE’s current headquarters in Palo Alto. The NonStop Partner Technical Symposium attracted yet another large crowd and even though this was just the third occurrence of this symposium, news had obviously spread across the vendor community as there were more solutions vendors present than in previous years, so having a mix of middleware and solutions vendors meant the exchanges between HPE product managers and those present in the audience were lively at times. Having a representative from HPE Mission Critical Systems marketing present for the day was just as encouraging and hopefully, a sign of more coverage of NonStop to come.

“It is hard to ignore that HPE is doing good things for NonStop today,” said the DataExpress senior analyst, Susie Raye. “All too often we just assume that NonStop development is planning on doing this or that but when you see as much activity funded by HPE, NonStop is clearly capturing more of the vendor community’s attention than I have seen in a while. It wasn’t just the introduction of virtualized NonStop support for VMware or the introduction of the new NS2 virtualized converged NonStop system, but the work that is ongoing to ensure NonStop SQL/MX is compatible with Oracle that certainly supports the notion that data is very important to NonStop.” What else came through is the hybrid nature of IT today and not just with the uptick in usage of clouds. Increasingly, running in the same hardware cabinets you will find mixes of NonStop with Windows and Linux and “this bodes well for DataExpress with DataExpress NonStop (DXNS) and DataExpress Open Platform (DXOP),” added Raye. “Together, support for NonStop and Open Platforms means that DataExpress can provide an enterprise wide fabric that supports the movement of data from anywhere to anywhere!”

If last month we had powerful reminders of how the NonStop community is very much alive and well, this month we learnt a lot more of why this is so. HPE is funding NonStop in ways not seen for a long time and this funding is for products and features that take NonStop deeper inside the data center – just thinking about running virtualized NonStop workloads including DataExpress on commodity hardware, “reinforces the true value proposition of NonStop,” added Raye. It may now be all about data but it’s still very much availability and the fault tolerant properties of NonStop that has kept NonStop illuminated brightly on HPE’s radar. If you would like to know even more about Data Express then reach out to us or to our partner, comforte. Either way, we would be only too happy to talk to you!