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Loan Process Challenge Mortgage loan officers of any regional or community bank will manage a multitude of active loan applications at any given time. As part of the approval process, applicants need to provide supporting documentation such as payroll documents, income statements, photo IDs, bank statements, construction plans, etc. much of which is sensitive. Each month, anywhere from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of documents, most of which contain personal confidential information, will be exchanged. Due to ever-tightening industry regulations plus document size limitations, email is no longer a safe or viable option.  Some alternative delivery methods, such as using  fax, using a courier, or driving to a local branch to deliver these documents, are not necessarily timely or convenient. Conventional file transfer methods, such as FTP are generally not a practical solution since the AdHoc nature, user authentication requirements, and the potential for file misdirects and misplacements could all slow down the approval process and could result in information being inappropriately shared. A Proven, Simple Solution DataExpress Open Platform’s Impulse component allows each loan officer to send an email containing an easy to use link to their clients. When completed, the loan officer receives an email notification whenever a file has been uploaded by an applicant at which time they can simply download the documents to their desktop and continue an email dialogue with applicants while ensuring the confidential documents remain secure and easily manageable. Since the files are always encrypted in transit they comply with industry and bank security

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ATHENS, Ohio-While there are benefits to moving an in-house core system, there are also more responsibilities requiring a new set of protocols. The Case For Outsourcing Core Processing Ohio University CU learned that lesson when its technology department became responsible for all file transfers within the CU in addition to all transfers to third-party vendors. “We created several checklists to help us manage the process, which worked well as long as we did not miss a timeline or move an incorrect file,” said Ohio University CU’s Vice President of Technology Jean Blair. “Missing a timeline or moving an incorrect file was a huge inconvenience to our staff and to our members.” The first step in remedying the timing issue was adding “reminders” to the checklist in an effort to double check the files. This approach, however, soon became overly cumbersome. “Because of the time our department spent with file transfers, we began to look for a reliable resource to take ownership of this process and, as a result, help us to become more efficient,” said Blair. The $285 million-asset credit union, with 25,000 members, 80 employees and two branches, began looking at different vendors. Within 30 days, DataExpress Open Platform (DXOP) was selected. The company’s Product Support Engineer Jeff Scharf explained that the SLA compliant solution is an Internet-enabled secured managed file transfer application that runs on all platforms, including Windows, Unix and Linux. DXOP supports mission-critical transmission needs by enabling customers to schedule, route, format and securely transfer business-critical data over both public and private networks,” Scharf said. New Method To Transfer To ensure there would

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