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Access the dxns wiki

(JIRA customer portal access is required. Please email us to request access.)

Please email us to request access.

Please expect to provide the following:

  • Product: DXOP or DXNS
  • Version: eg. v5.0 or v7.8
  • Error code or message: Describe the problem or list the symptoms
  • Appropriate log files
  • Environment: Whether the problem occurred on Production, Disaster Recovery or Test System
  • Time and Date: When the problem first occurred

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A licensed Product responsible for production functionality, critical to the business process conducted by the customer, is down or significantly impacted, and all or a substantial number of critical Product components are not functioning.

The support number, 866-309-9326, is answered by an operator 24×7. DataExpress support emails are only monitored during normal business hours

Send an email to one of the support email addresses above and a technician will respond to the query.

A technician will respond to the call within two hours of it being logged for Severity 1 problems, and within four hours for Severity 2 problems.

Direct numbers to reach the customer must be provided as the response will be to the number provided on the initial call-out.

Severity 3 queries will be responded to within the next business day.

Severity 4 queries will be responded to within 3 business days.

All DataExpress documentation is available to DataExpress customers via our secure portal.

Access to this portal should be requested from DataExpress support.


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