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DataExpress Financial Data Security

With regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, Financial Instruments Exchange Act (J-SOX), PCI Compliance and more, banks, insurance providers, mortgage lenders and other financial institutions understand that financial data security is of utmost importance. These players in the financial services industry are looking for Managed File Transfer solutions prepared to meet governance and reporting requirements and to improve communications and reporting.

Whether large business or small, The DataExpress Secure Managed File Transfer solution is prepared to reliably enforce policies and procedures, and enable auditable file transfer processes. As importantly, this solution ensures governance across management, execution and security of the file exchange process.

Another notable threat to financial data security is that of data theft and the related liability and costs. Many arms of the financial services industry including, bankers, accountants, lawyers, and governmental agencies all have the fiduciary responsibility to protect data.

The customizable, scalable DataExpress solution ensures that these threats to financial data security, and security of all data, are minimized, no matter the size or criticality of the transfer.

Simply put, the DataExpress solutions work. Below are some of the specific features of the DataExpress platform:

Add Reliability with High Availability

Protect Your Server with a Proxy

Protect Your Server with a Proxy

While a typical file transfer server is directly exposed to the Internet, DataExpress Secure Gateway adds an additional layer of security by allowing you to completely isolate the DXOP server behind your firewall. The DXSG component acts as a sentry between the Internet and your DXOP server, only allowing approved connections through to DXOP, which retains the secure data and all private access information.


Secure Your Email Attachments

Secure Your Email Attachments

The best file transfer system on the planet won’t do much good if your staff send business critical data via email attachments. DXOP Email Interceptor catches these emails and saves the attachments within your secure environment. The email is sent on to the recipient without any attachments, only a link to securely download the files, retaining a tracking history within DXOP.


Transfer Files Behind the Scenes

Transfer Files Behind the Scenes

Is every member of your organization a file transfer expert? Probably not. DataExpress Remote Agent gives you the ability to establish automatic and secure file transfers throughout your enterprise, leaving non-technical staff free to focus on their primary tasks. DXRA takes control of a non-managed, decentralized file transfer environment and converts it to a secure, managed environment.


Here is what one of our Credit Union clients has to say about DataExpress:

“We created several checklists to help us manage the process, which worked well as long as we did not miss a timeline or move an incorrect file,” said Ohio University CU’s Vice President of Technology Jean Blair. “Missing a timeline or moving an incorrect file was a huge inconvenience to our staff and to our members.” The first step in remedying the timing issue was adding “reminders” to the checklist in an effort to double check the files. This approach, however, soon became overly cumbersome. “Because of the time our department spent with file transfers, we began to look for a reliable resource to take ownership of this process and, as a result, help us to become more efficient,” said Blair.

Within 30 days, DataExpress Open Platform (DXOP) was selected.

Blair said the DXOP solution that is installed on the CU’s Windows Server is now transferring files to and from DXOP via SSL enabled channels secured behind its firewall. “This server retains all monitoring, administration, authentication, operations and control over all aspects of the DXOP infrastructure and execution.”

For Blair, and members of her department, using DXOP software is a “user friendly” experience that was supported by one WebEx training session. “These file transfers can be scheduled to run automatically or manually,” said Blair. “DXOP will automatically rename the files if required. We receive an e-mail letting us know if the file transfer is successful or if the transfer failed.” And when it comes to return on investment, Blair said her department is now saving about 10 hours a week previously dedicated to file transfers. “Implementing DXOP is proving to be a terrific asset for our credit union,” she said. “The application prevents human errors such as file duplication, forgetting to load files or missing timelines. And the application notifies us in a timely manner of any file transfer issues.” Security, and built-in tracking means DataExpress is the perfect solution for healthcare managed file transfer.


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