“In former times, it was routinely suggested by software vendors that sales may land the initial deal but it is the support team that keeps the deal going and will lead to growth from within. Perhaps a little too glib but it does highlight a basic truth. Whenever successful software vendors sell a product or solution, a bond or partnership quickly forms between the team of users and the vendor. Whether it’s a simple phone inquiry or a request for a full roadmap disclosure, the relationship that develops over time becomes more a partnership than anything close to the adversarial role that permeated much of IT when computing first appeared as a tool for business. Today, these partnerships can be seen at work whenever there are gatherings of the NonStop community at Regional User Group (RUG) meetings or at HPE sponsored big tent events like HPE Discover and the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC).”

If you didn’t have the chance to read the latest feature article published in the digital publication, NonStop Insider, then you would have missed the observations we made with respect to the value proposition that comes with partnering that was an important part of our contribution to the March, 2019, issue of the magazine. But there is more: in a world that prizes information, files and data above all else, we are watching the role of secure, managed file transfer continuing to evolve to become an important element of data distribution. Today DataExpress is already an ideal solution ensuring the movement of data in such a manner that the information from mission critical NonStop systems makes its way to the recipients needing access to that data, to better understand changes in behavior as well as the emergence of new opportunities amid evolving trends.

Distributing data, where a one-to-many architecture is an integral part of the product distributing the data, is becoming an all-important consideration for enterprises where mission-critical applications are deployed. Typically, these mission-critical applications are customer facing so that any data being captured by them represents the here and now and is of the utmost importance to the enterprise. DataExpress is proving to be the ideal solution in these situations and should you be interested to read more of this, look for an upcoming feature article in the April, 2019, issue of NonStop Insider.

If you would like to read more of what DataExpress had to say about partnering please read its feature article published in the March, 2019, issue of NonStop Insider, DataExpress – today’s needs are complex; the simple answer is partnerships! where you will find the above reference and much more.  Check out the feature article and let us know if you have any further questions as we would be only too happy to talk to you about DataExpress NonStop (DXNS) or DataExpress for Open Platform (DXOP).

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