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DataExpress: acquisition by Data443 brings benefits to customers

DataExpress: acquisition by Data443 brings benefits to customers

The world of IT is always changing and acquisitions are a fact of business life today. Whether it’s a traditional merger of equals or simply an opportunity to leverage skills or products otherwise absent from an existing portfolio, there is no escaping the constantly evolving technology landscape. This has been the major event of the year for DataExpress with it being acquired by LandStar, Inc., the parent company of Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc.Landstar, Inc. is a publicly traded company with an ambitious agenda. What is good news for the HPE NonStop community is that with the acquisition of DataExpress, the company now extends its reach into new market segments. HPE with its NonStop product line provides an entry into the dynamic world of payments, given that globally the majority of financial institutions rely on NonStop to power their mission critical financial transaction processing.

The acquisition of DataExpress also represents an opportunity for the DataExpress team to become integrated with a much bigger company and there are readily accepted benefits that come with size – financial institutions have always been wary of doing business with software vendors that perhaps don’t quite have the global reach expected from partners providing critical middleware, infrastructure, tools and utilities. Data443 clearly has a much bigger global presence than DataExpress and has access to additional resources, online systems and processes all geared towards providing their collective customer base with a superior experience.

The details of this acquisition were provided in a feature article just published in the October, 2019, issue of NonStop Insider, LandStar Inc. Completes Acquisition of DataExpress™ – Secure, Managed File Transfer Platform In this article you will read how, “DataExpress™ has provided products and capabilities to the retail and financial services industries for 28 years that have ensured data security, privacy and efficiency across both private and public networks. Their industry leading HPE™ DataExpress™ for NonStop and SaaS product DataExpress Open Platform, both schedule, route, format, securely transfer and track all forms of data at every step of the process.”

You will also read of how, according to Jason Remillard, CEO of LandStar, Inc. and founder of Data443, “Data is a critical asset for any organization and increasingly it is at risk – at rest and more so while in transit. We feel this is a major anchor for our product line and a significant competitive differentiator.”

The message of “security” is always important to the enterprise and no more so is this the case than today when it seems as though a day doesn’t pass without one financial institution or another suffering a breach that led to personnel information being exposed. To this end, Remillard noted that, “The DataExpress asset acquisition is yet another milestone in delivering Data443’s vision of a complete data privacy, security and governance ecosystem that is unique and unrivalled in the marketplace.”

For the NonStop community depending today on DataExpress, having read the article and fully understanding that DataExpress remains totally committed to customers through all of this, you may have questions for the team so don’t hesitate in reaching out to us here at DataExpress.  Should you have missed reading the complete article then make sure you click on the link above but if you have trouble with the hyperlink you can cut and paste this link into your browser –