Users Matter

Our number one priority in all of our design scenarios – customer usability analysis , user tracking (eye and mouse) and, most importantly, user adoption – was creating an engaging, intuitive and pleasant end user experience.

Conversely, almost all security products have a low usability quotient. In fact, we would have found, in most cases, the experience is downright hostile, with tools that are counterintuitive, interrupt users constantly, don’t do basic computing and require the re-entry of data numerous times to get the desired outcome.

So, we took a different approach. 

Using a persona-based design approach, we developed profiles for our in scope user base and interviewed nearly 300 people to refine those personas.

We learned a lot from our conversations:

  • Many end users are afraid of “breaking their computers.” 
  • When something new “pops up,” many immediately suspect a virus or worse. 
  • Most users do not customize their computers, not even their desktop images.

These, along with other findings, have far-reaching implications for a security solution.You can’t expect users to contribute to your enterprise security posture if they can’t understand the tools. Nor can you expect users to adopt a tool if they need to have a special training session.

Fundamentally, the user experience is our number one priority in all functions of our product stack. We balance that with the needs of the business and the operators. ClassiDocs offers much more flexibility on when things happen, how things happen and allows you to communicate your corporate brand and ongoing information simply updated from one location than the competition.

We believe that software should be self-explanatory, require close to no ‘training’ and be efficient with everyone’s’ time, not just the admins. 

We hope you enjoy it and are sure it will make your enterprise data security and GDPR challenges easier to meet.