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There was a lot of information provided at this year’s HPE Discover event. While the event wrapped up some time ago, for the NonStop vendor community there were numerous topics that aroused our interest and of course, as best as we can determine at this time, there were some interesting developments for the NonStop community as the HPE team unveiled a working NonStop system running at the edge on an Edgeline 4000. Whether this demo develops into a product line or not remains to be seen, but initial feedback suggests any go to market plan of HPE will see such a product addressing markets left mostly underserved.The important message here is that even for the NonStop community, we cannot ignore how HPE is very much focused on the edge. HPE continues to build out its product offerings and there is already some talk surrounding the cloud even as HPE CEO Antonio Neri surprised many of the attendees present for his keynote address by saying that in twelve months’ time, HPE would be unveiling Cloudless computing.

Despite predictions that the edge will consume the cloud – as has been predicted already by some industry analysts, including Gartner – it is consumption pricing that surprised many in the  audience. By 2022 all products coming from HPE will be able to be consumed “as-a-Service.” Perhaps the work already completed by HPE’s IT organization will serve as a model for how this will come to pass but it’s clear that the focus on GreenLake is where the action lies in this regard. It hasn’t escaped the team at DataExpress that NonStop product roadmaps’ PowerPoint presentations have included slides on NSaaS as well as DBaaS and we are watching this development closely. Among our biggest NonStop users any fallout from cloudless, consumption based services and even NonStop running on the edge, will take a while to catch on. However, we were told by one NonStop manager that while “the edge is unfamiliar, scary and even risky for (NonStop customers), availability of NonStop out on the edge will give them something familiar and reduce anxieties and fear of the unknown,”.

For DataExpress it was left to DataExpress CEO, Billy Whittington, to observe how, “We honestly don’t believe our NonStop customers will convert to any “a-a-S” in the near future.” It isn’t so much a case of any uncertainties over the technology but rather, “security is the paramount reason for caution – our DataExpress customers are even reluctant to share information on files they move so having them moved into or out of clouds seems a lot scarier than embracing any edge solutions.” On the other hand, our DataExpress Open Platform (DXOP) customers may have a different view of these options than do our DataExpress NonStop (DXNS) customers and “we already have one of our large DXOP customers asking us for a quote to put one of their systems ‘in the cloud’” added Whittington. And this was the theme of our latest article published in the June issue of NonStop Insider, DataExpress – Watching for early signs of additional ways to consume DataExpress! In this June, 2019 issue we wrote of how,

HPE continues to embrace a services model within its IT organization, where NonStop as a Service (NSaaS) together with NonStop SQL is being delivered as Database as a Service (DBaaS). They would like to see the NonStop community consider doing something similar, however to date we are still waiting for news about accepting this model of a new NonStop from the users themselves. “For now, it’s very quiet in regards to NSaaS,” said DataExpress CEO, Billy Whittington. “There are security ramifications among the DataExpress user community that may be difficult to overcome at this time.” This consideration shouldn’t be underestimated as it has been concerns over security as well as where data and files ultimately end up (from a sovereignty perspective), that tops the list of issues that are driving consideration of private cloud deployments rather than turning to any public cloud provider.

And yet, added Whittington, “DataExpress as it stands right now, can be offered on the basis of Infrastructure as-a-Service (IaaS) but that would be for new opportunities as best as we can envision for now. Of course, there are other members of the NonStop vendor community who are pursuing their own cloud deployments in support of NSaaS, but for now it really is a case of watching for customer requirements to arise before DataExpress takes any further measures to support an IaaS model for DataExpress. On the other hand, if there are NonStop customers reading this and would like to know more about what is possible today with DataExpress we would welcome an opportunity to talk with them about how best they would like to consume DataExpress in future projects.”

The promise of the cloud may be the topic for many IT professionals even as vendors begin speculating about a time where clouds may be of less importance than they are today. After all, Hybrid IT has been about more than one platform and coming decades after other vendors promised us that “the network is the system,” maybe there is some validity in the arguments being proffered. However, cloudless seems to be a stretch and for now, DataExpress is only too happy to support moving files for any NonStop customer no matter their focus, strategy or goals as after all, data never lives in isolation and  files remain the preferred and often mandated way to move a lot of data.

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